Thursday, September 25, 2008

yes we can

my favorite panhandler sign to date:

"obama isn't the only one who wants change"


warning: this will be a boring post. it's more for my own sake than anything else.

last night i went to see my favorite band, weezer, perform live at madison square garden. they played with tokyo police club, a band i'd never heard of, and angels & airwaves, which i had. it was the third, and hopefully not last, time i'll see them in concert. i went sophomore year of high school to see them in raleigh, then sophomore year of college to see them perform at george mason university, outside of d.c. i've said this once, and i'll say it again - i'll drive wherever or pay whatever price to see them play. anyway, it was really good. they're amazing live. i kept up with the setlist, wrote it down, and it played out as follows:

my name is jonas
pink triangle
perfect situation
say it ain't so
keep fishin'
undone |the sweater song| (angels&airwaves'
tom delonge joined)
pork & beans
dope nose
el scorcho
a cover of oasis' "what's the story morning glory"
the greatest man that ever lived |variations on a shaker hymn|

they ended here, and then of course made an encore. except instead of just coming back on by themselves, they brought on about 20-30 people with them, all holding some sort of instrument. there were trumpets, trombones, flutes, guitars... pretty sure i also heard a cowbell. anyway, the group they brought on were lucky, lucky fans. i'm not sure how they were arranged. together they all played:

island in the sun
beverly hills

then weezer made one more encore and finished the show with:

a cover of nirvana's "silver"
buddy holly

such a good concert.

Monday, September 22, 2008

can i be the chocolate to your milk?

"hey snowflake!"
"hey. hey ladies!... hey, snowbunnies!"

sitcoms and movies give the impression that men know no limits in the city; that cat calling is a constant. and although my pisces-ness lends me to being impractical, i know better than to believe everything i see onscreen. so imagine my surprise when i get up here and, come to find out, it's the norm. though i don't think i'll ever really get used to it, or accept it as "normal," i'm growing accustomed to it. we've heard whoops, whistles, and endless comments, but my favorite have been racially motivated. they're funny, and original, and though dropping them won't tempt me any further into the arms of these callers, they've at least made me laugh.

Friday, September 19, 2008

humble beginnings

first of all, welcome. thank you for your interest in my goings-on here in the big city. some of you may have kept up with my blog from studying abroad in coleraine, northern ireland; others may have not. either way, i've had requests to write another, and i aim to please. if you want to keep up with what's going on, then feel free to check in on me from time to time.

last time around, i wrote on a (somewhat)daily basis. this time, i probably won't be as consistent, but bear with me. rather than rambling on about my each and every day, i'll use this as a platform to share my random thoughts and happenings. i might spill about the mundane (like that i've read 4 books since i've been here, and i just started my 5th - thanks to my daily subway commute). i might brag about the thrilling and unexpected (like my run-in with kevin connolly and michael phelps on the set of entourage, and a separate close encounter with lebron james). i'll share my scary moments (like when i almost got hit by a bike yesterday. seriously, the guy's bag literally grazed my chest as he pedaled by at full-speed. it was my fault). and there's a good chance you'll find me mentally vomiting my encounters with the kind of crazy only new york can possess (like the man on the street who responded to my "hi" with a "y'all get the fuck on!" or the man who, 2 seconds after evie and i walked in front of him, let loose a stream of urine onto the subway tracks and an incomprehensible stream of mutterings. we have come to the frightening conclusion that he must have had his family jewels out when we breezed by.)

if you're looking for censorship, you should close this page now, and forget that at any moment, i might be typing away. but if you're interested in what interests me, then stop by anytime.