Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bad thai

our neighbors/friends (neighbriends?) laura and delia live less than a minute's walk from evie's and my apartment. this is awesome. it makes me feel like i'm on the tv show friends, except that there is no audience laughter, nor are there any cute boys around. anyway, it's incredibly nice to have them so close - to cook dinners together, for watching tv & movies, and to have what we call our new york family. also, delia and i are able to relish in the glory that is acc sports. when anyone makes fun of us for being crazed fans, we stick up for one another, hate on tim tebow and coach k together, and take solace in the fact that the acc is amazing. never has a hurricane so loved a tar heel (and vice versa).

anyway, delia left yesterday for thanksgiving in florida, and evie made her way to nj to meet up with her boyfriend shane, and his family, who are there until thursday. given our roommates' absences, laura and i decided to have a night in together, complete with casino royale, dinner, some wine, and a bar of dark chocolate. i recently bought two skinny bitch books. one, skinny bitch in the kitch, is chock full of yummy-sounding recipes, and we decided to make their vegan-friendly, diabetes-hating, healthy version of pad thai. let me say this: i. love. pad. thai. yes, i used 3 more periods than necessary. that's how much i love pad thai. and last night was no different. it was delicious. the amount we made was massive, enough for a full plate for the both of us, plus some leftover for laura's lunch today. we even played it safe, and stopped when we got just barely full (this is impressive for me, as i usually eat enough for two, and thus often have a third trimester-esque food baby belly). laura and i agreed that it was one of the better meals we've made, and we had to make it in the future for delia and evie.

cut to the end of casino royale, a shared dark chocolate bar, and a bit of wine later, and it's bedtime. awesome.

wrong. it is not awesome.

i woke up at 2:01AM. i know it was 2:01 exactly because that is the exact time that flashed on the dvd player the moment i woke up to the senstion of a tingling jaw and salivating mouth. i know this feeling, and i do not like it. i love binging, but absolutely loathe purging. i rarely vomit, and when i do, i am reduced to feeling like a child. everytime someone is sick, i think they want for their momma and daddy, but something about being sick to your stomach is gut-wrenching, and not just literally. the only times i've ever had stomach flus were when i was little, i never get food poisoning, and "throwing up" is not a part of my hangover vocabulary. i got up from laura's couch, got to her bathroom, came face-to-face with the toilet, annnnnnd... nothing. the feeling went away. so i meandered back to the couch, laid down slowly, and took deep breaths. then i fell back asleep.

one hour later. same thing. same feeling, same routine, same return to the couch. i fell back asleep, and one hour later, OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME? it happenend again.

2:01AM, 3:01AM, 4:21AM, 5:0something, 5:21 (what is up with the 1's?!), and finally 6:20AM. that damn jaw tingling, watery mouth, and the feeling that there is someone's fist twisting and turning in the top of my stomach.

the thought this must be what it's like to have morning sickness actually occured to me, and in my queasy, sleepy state of mind, so-help-me-god if i ever get pregnant and this is my affliction, i think i even promised myself that i wouldn't ever allow that to happen.

while we're on the subject, i guess it's important to note that it was most definitely the pad thai, and not pregnancy, that caused my interrupted sleep. unless i am unknowingly 7 months pregnant, and one of those women who goes about their lives until one day they have a stomach cramp, go to the bathroom, and - surprise! - out pops a baby; it was the pad thai.

luckily this was confirmed, when, on one of my trips back to the couch i clumsily bumped into a wall and knocked one of laura and delia's decorations a'swingin'. this prompted laura to come out of her room to ask me if i had just puked, becuase, low-and-behold, she was also feeling queasy, and she, too had almost vom'ed.

6:30AM rolls around, and finds laura and i upset because, what the fuck, pad thai!? how dare you do this to us! you were supposed to be healthier, yet just-as-enjoyable as your sugar-ridden alternative. we were even going to show you off and make you for our friends. the last time (the only other time?) i got food poisoning was in high school, after a family dinner at blue bay seafood restaurant. blue bay and i haven't spoken since. but you see, i never loved blue bay like i love pad thai. i've already been through one break-up this year, and now this?

maybe i just need a break. maybe i should just go on about my life, and have a passionate love affair with another food. i just hope that if this is what happens, pad thai doesn't come back into my life in the future and accuse me of cheating. because if that's what happens, i, like ross does to rachel, will have to remind pad thai that we were on a break.

Monday, November 24, 2008


it is cold as balls in this city.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

just a thought

i think an appropriate question to ask, when considering dating someone younger, is: which SAT scores do you go by?

deep thoughts by casey...

what is the meaning of life?

is there a god?

will i marry?

do the snozberries really taste like snozberries?

is tupac really dead?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

maybe one day i can write for them


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

nyc marathon

yesterday, evie and i went into the city to watch some of the ing new york city marathon. just a reminder - the 26.2 (26.2!!!) mile route takes runners through all 5 boroughs, and ends in central park. i have to say, this is probably one of the best things i've seen since i've been in new york. i know it doesn't sound very exciting - watching thousands of people run in the not-yet-but-sure-feels-like freezing cold, but it was. very much so.

first of all, crowds gathered all over the city to cheer people on. passerbys wore clothing and bore signs of support. i even saw a baby in a plain white onesie that read, "go mommy go!" secondly, the runners themselves were just as entertaining. there were people in capes, crazy outfits, wearing flags of their nationality, tutus. there was a santa claus, two blues brothers (donned in suits, hats, and sunglasses), even someone dressed as borat. people ran with cameras, some with flags. others gave thumbs-ups, and even better were the sights of runners either catching sight of, or hearing their families cheering them on, and the moments they took to run to the side for a kiss, hug, or handshake. some runners even ran along the barricades at the turn near the queensboro bridge where we first stood, pumping up the crowd, telling them to "make some fuckin' noise" to return the favor of pumping up the runners.

we made our way from the queensboro bridge to central park. our second viewing found the runners 10 miles later, and noticeably more exhausted. we were close to the peak of a steady incline on the path they were running (though we didn't realize the hill until we later walked away). this time around, we were closer to the runners, and able to see that most of them had their names written, or sewn onto their shirts. this resulted in what was my favorite part about watching the race. everyone in the crowd shouted every name they could, cheered every steve, julie, tom, amy, and even a big sexy, on to the finish. everyone that came out to watch rallied on the runners, and the best part was that they really appreciated it. they needed the encouragement, and they showed their gratitude as they passed.

now let me wax-poetic. i am not a long-distance runner. never have been, and i'm not sure i ever will be. maybe it's because i have such short legs, or maybe i just have small lungs and never realized it. i can sprint, i actually like sprinting, but i can barely make it 3 miles without feeling like i might fall over. evie, our friend laura, and i have taken to running half-an-hour each morning before we get ready for work, and i think last week i commented that it felt like my calves were going to vomit. anyway, watching this race yesterday (here comes the poetry) was really inspiring. i'm actually kind of wanting to make an attempt at running this race. 2009, maybe 2010, but at least once before i leave new york (whenever that may be). i mean, i saw elderly men and women running, a guy with a broken arm, another with prosthetic legs from the knee down, even one man ran by on one leg and crutches, his left leg amputated. what's my excuse?

ryan reynolds, an actor, decided to run this year. there'd been some coverage of his decision to run, and i think his sentiments reflect mine when he said on his team fox page:
"Let it be known at the outset, I am not a runner. I am a running joke. Waking up at 4:30 am and jogging anywhere from 11 to 23 miles has been nothing short of horrifying. Although, I've never given birth to a professional basketball player through one of my tear ducts, I can't imagine a worse way to start the day. Conversely, some people have real problems. I digress..."

i've said repeatedly that i hate running, that i could never do cross-country, or run a marathon, but i also said repeatedly in the past that i could never, ever be a vegetarian, and most of you know that i gave that a shot. i'm not sure if i'll follow through on this, but at least for the moment, it's something that i think i'd like to challenge myself to. we'll see what happens...


evie and i went as tweedle dee and tweedle dum. a good night with really great people.


the title of this post is also that of a great song by the avett brothers. look it up online - youtube, or itunes, or whatever other program you may use to listen to music. anyway, last weekend (oct 23rd-27th) i had the chance to go home. i'll be brief, but suffice it to say the trip very good.

ever since i moved away for school, my favorite thing about being at home has been how comforting it is. really, i just love the feeling of laying on the couch watching whatever is on tv, not having to worry about anything else except where we're going to eat dinner that night.

my aunt pam also came into town for the visit, and it was so nice to have everyone there. i was able to meet my niece sophia, hang out with my nephew owen (and if you know me, you know how over-the-top obsessed i am with them), relax with matthew and priscilla, and be with my momma, daddy, and aunt.

the first night i was home, my brother commented on how funny it was how quickly everything just goes back to normal. as soon as i was home, i was back in priscilla's old sweatshirt that i always wear, curled up on their couch, watching whatever owen wanted to watch on tv. it was almost like no time had passed at all. i think matthew's words were something like, "isn't it strange how you just go right back to being my little sister, and not the independent new yorker starting her first job?" i think that wraps up perfectly the feeling i get when i go home. i can cast off any ounce of independence i've gained (not a bad thing in this case), and revert back to complete comfort.

when i got back, i was pretty homesick. aunt pam sent me this email that explains it a little better than i can:
"that 'homesick' feeling will continue to some degree for all of your life. it's a measure of loving & being loved. accompanying that will also be gratitude to 'get back' into your other life. it also affects those of us whom you 'leave' as we feel the sadness of missing you combined with pride & happiness for you."