Tuesday, December 16, 2008

proof that new york is having its way with me

sunday afternoon evie and i went with two of our friends, amy and stefanie, to see the christmas tree at rockefellar center. as we approached the tree, we passed a guy dressed up as santa claus. the thing was that he wasn't right at the tree, just kind of in the middle of this crowd. evie and i had our arms linked, trying to keep warm together, and we passed a father who was saying to his young daughter, "do you want to go see santa?" as soon as we passed him, evie said, "yeah santa's probably a perv," just as i said aloud, "umm, that santa is probably just a random homeless guy."

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

i run like a little old lady

i keep my arms bent and tucked in, even though i try to keep them as if i were holding ski poles, and i try to keep my chest out and open (for maximum oxygen intake... or something). short legs do not make for great strides, so i usually end up shuffling along. i'm sure it looks like i'm barely even lifting my feet, but that i am, because evie and i are now up to 3.5 miles every morning. this is a major difference from the amount of running i did in high school.

i ran a lot (i.e., the least amount possible) for soccer, and ran a mile daily for cheerleading practice (and by "ran a mile daily" i mean i ran/walked a mile daily). i hated every bit of it. you might be thinking, but casey, you ran track in middle school. well, that i did, friend, that i did. but that was middle school, and i ran hurdles. the only previous times i've ever liked running have been when i was racing and beating a boy, running to score a soccer goal, or chasing someone with food.

but now i'm somehow beginning to like it. it's not that i like throbbing calves, or shin splints, or wind in my face that's so cold i have trouble breathing. it's not so much that i even like the act of running itself, i just love how it makes me feel. which, i'm pretty sure, is how crackheads feel about crack cocaine, but i digress.

basically what i wanted to say is this: i run like an old woman. now, someone go buy me a neon tracksuit, white sneakers, and a walkman, and i'll be ready to go.