Wednesday, March 11, 2009



my celebrity crushes

in no particular order, and for no other reason than people have asked me for a list before.

1. john krasinski
2. paul rudd
3. seth meyers
4. will arnett
5. andy samberg
& adam brody might be tied
6. and for the moment, robert pattinson

i know. they're basically all the same person (except for #6).



i've played grand theft auto in the past. i didn't take it seriously then, but i know a lot of people do. call me a hypocrite, but at least the "point" of grand theft auto is to steal cars. it just so happens that you can have sex with a prostitute in a hidden car along the way (what am i typing?!). but a video game where the goal is to rape women?

that's wtf-worthy.

i want to go to there

watch this.