Friday, April 17, 2009

cline, C-L-I-N-E

i don't know if it's southern to spell cline like my family does, but NO ONE up here knows how to spell it. people immediately assume it's spelled klein. once, after telling someone i spelled it the way i do, i was asked if i was jewish. a cline name search produced these results:

  1. americanized spelling of german klein or a jewish (ashkenazic) variant of this name.
  2. variant spelling of scottish or irish clyne.

i know the caseys on my mom's side of the family are scotch-irish, and can be traced to carrickfergus, northern ireland. and i know my paternal grandmother's mother is originally from austria. but i don't really know about my paternal grandfather's side, aka the clines. maybe there were some german kleins who moved down to north carolina and gave a big "f- you" to their roots and changed the spelling. or their neighbors changed it for them. or maybe i'm scotch-irish on both sides and i can be traced to a clan of clynes.

either way, down south, it's cline. no problem. maybe once a year someone would spell it klein. someone, who knew it was spelled cline, once even asked if i was related to calvin klein. i don't think i justified their question with an answer.

so far up here i've seen my name spelled: klein, klien, kline, and clien.

fun fact, though, i now know that cline means "little." i already knew that casey means "brave," and samantha means, "good listener" (litterally "listener of god"). and samantha can also mean "flower."

so basically i'm a brave little flower.

or a brave little listener.

i'm fine with either, as long as i'm a cline.

ncaa national champs!