Thursday, July 23, 2009

an evening with judd apatow

i went to this last night. all i can say is that judd apatow is hilarious, incredibly humble, and has remained relateable despite his success. he told some great stories, my favorite involving judd at 12 years old, driving by steve martin's house until he saw him and asked for an autograph. when he politely refused to sign an autograph "at his own house," judd went home and wrote him a letter basically saying that he was amazing, but that he treats his fans like shit, and he wouldn't live in such a nice house and have such a nice career if he didn't have fans. 6 months later, judd received 2 books of short stories written by martin, and a handwritten note apologizing for not having signed the autograph because he hadn't realized he was talking to THE judd apatow.

apatow was joined by his wife, leslie mann, and the q&a was a great introduction to funny people.

a write-up from today

Thursday, July 09, 2009

do you belong in new york?

my results for this quiz:

Score: 75

Only until you age out.

Sorry to say it, but you're a temporary New Yorker. Sure, this city is awesome for running around and enjoying your youth, but you came here to work and play hard and plan on jetting at the first signs of crow's feet or when your parents stop financing that party lifestyle of yours. Plus, if you ever decide to settle down and have kids, there's no way you're bringing them up in a studio. Click here for suggestions about how to really enjoy NYC.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

new digs

this post is a few weeks past due, but here it is anyway, in all of its late glory.

we have an apartment! in the city!

right now i live with evie, my best friend from CO. i met her when we both studied abroad in coleraine, northern ireland almost 3 years ago. we met the first night i was there, jet-lagged and hungry, eating the only thing that was available to me - my flatmates' mcvities digestive cookies. funny because evie and i grew quite fond of those cookies. (sometimes happiness can be measured in lbs). anyway, evie and i hit it off right away - we danced with boys in the way that we were really only dancing with ourselves, went on jogs during which we could kick poles, and chased hares (cause they were too big to be bunnies) through the woods. we were inseperable for 3 months, and talked about how cool it would be if we lived together somewhere else down the road.

la la la la la, here we are. we did it. we live together in brooklyn in a place we found on craigslist, down the street from good friends, and one train ride away from both of our places of work. we live across from an elementary school and have trees on our block. granted, not too far from us is a store that claims to be a candy store, but we're pretty sure is a drug/gambling/sex slavery front, but ah well.

then we found ourselves looking for a new place. not because we don't love brooklyn - evie would probably stay if it weren't for other factors - but because circumstances arose, friends planned on moving away, other friends planned on moving up, etc. i'm here indefinitely, as is another friend of ours, and i wanted to establish a long-short-term home for myself in the city (if doable). a good friend of mine from UNC, caroline, got a full-ride (high-five!) to nyu and things fell into the right places for us.

blah blah blah - we (me, evie, caroline, our friend amy, and our neighbor laura) have a new apartment. it's cute, has all the amenities we want, and it's affordable, at least by our nyc standards. speaking of nyc standards - they're INSANE. IN. SANE. if my north carolina-livin' self were to sit down with my nyc-livin' self and have a conversation, nc casey would kick ny casey in the non-existant ballsack. however, like i said, this place is going to be affordable for us, especially in the beginning when we're sharing rooms and splitting rent.

anyway, move-in date is august 1st, so the clock is a'tickin'. to commemorate this news, i give you this cute article from time out new york: the top 10 nyc apartments on tv.