Thursday, July 23, 2009

an evening with judd apatow

i went to this last night. all i can say is that judd apatow is hilarious, incredibly humble, and has remained relateable despite his success. he told some great stories, my favorite involving judd at 12 years old, driving by steve martin's house until he saw him and asked for an autograph. when he politely refused to sign an autograph "at his own house," judd went home and wrote him a letter basically saying that he was amazing, but that he treats his fans like shit, and he wouldn't live in such a nice house and have such a nice career if he didn't have fans. 6 months later, judd received 2 books of short stories written by martin, and a handwritten note apologizing for not having signed the autograph because he hadn't realized he was talking to THE judd apatow.

apatow was joined by his wife, leslie mann, and the q&a was a great introduction to funny people.

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