Monday, August 17, 2009

i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike

i've been wanting a bike for a while now. i actually had a bike named mt. fury (because that's what wal-mart branded her) that i bought my sophomore year of college, rode around on hardcore that year, and then put away in a storage space up until recently.

not long after i moved to the city, i realized that i really wanted a bike again. so i started hunting - online, on craigslist, bike shop windows.

then i found a perfect bike on craigslist on a monday a few weeks ago, and arranged to come look at it the following saturday. i was really excited about it, so i told my friends and bosses about it at work, and even showed them the picture. basically i got my hopes way, way up.

then that wednesday, the owner emailed me saying that someone had already bought the bike, and that she was really sorry. i'd been scouring craiglist and knew that there wasn't anything else that i was interested in, but i decided i could just wait until i found another.

i had plans that night to eat dinner with evie, her mom, dad, brother, and our friends in brooklyn, so i had to make sure to leave work right at 6. around 5:15 my bosses mentioned that they had to do something before the day was over, and asked if i had plans right after work. i told them i did, and i didn't know if i could run the errand unless it was on the way.

then my bosses said, "you're having dinner with your friends, if you can be 15 minutes late that would be great. this errand is on the way to brooklyn so it shouldn't be too bad." so i told them it was no problem.

that's when handed me an envelope and told me, "great! because we need you to go pick up your bike. we bought it for you!"


"we bought your bike for you as a thank-you for last week*, so you need to go pick it up!"

i literally stood in place with my mouth open in a dumbfounded grin for a couple of minutes. i didn't know what to say, so just kept saying "thank you."

i think i may add a subsection to my blog specifically for bike stories. for example, when i bought a 36" glass shelf from the container store last week and had to figure out how to ride it home on my bike. or how i'm really scared that i'm going to get "doored" - when a driver or passenger opens their car door just as i'm riding by.

stay tuned.

*we had a few crazier-than-normal days the week prior.

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