Thursday, December 23, 2010

email from my brother

with the caption, "human genome at its best."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

invisible lol cats

this made me laugh out loud with tears in my eyes. LOLWTIME!

thanks, caroline!

Monday, December 20, 2010

love language

inspired by julie ("pb fingz") and my best friend / life partner, evie (eve's apple), i took a quiz to find out what my love language is.

i remember evie telling me about the 5 love languages a while ago when we lived together in brooklyn. or when we were abroad together in northern ireland. i can't remember which. either way, she's the person who told me about them first.

anyway, check out my results and then find out your own by taking this quiz:

Friday, December 17, 2010

merry christmas, bladder!

everyone listen up while i talk about myself!

i'm a bipolar shopper. i'll go weeks, months even, without buying something. i'll go so far as to go "shopping," pick out items, walk around the store with them, and then i tell myself that i don't need these things and why am i spending this money that i could use for something else (that i also don't end up buying). so i put everything back and leave empty-handed. then there's the other shopper in me that's standing in line at starbucks to get some coffee for my coworkers and myself, and all of a sudden i need this starbucks plastic insulated tumbler with a candy cane straw. so i buy it.

most of the time i regret these purchases, and for a few minutes after i got back to work, i questioned my decision. but then i decided to just go with it.

let me tell you. this is the best thing i've gifted myself in a long time. i could do without the huge starbucks logo, but the candy cane straw is what i fell in love with, and i'm willing to accept my tumbler for the tumbler it is, not the tumbler i want it to be. i have been drinking SO much water lately. TMI alert! i am now a peeing machine. it is awesome (the water, not the peeing). i feel like i could rival my sister-in-law, priscilla, who can drink 8 glasses of water per meal. i'm not kidding. i was with her over thanksgiving and in one hour alone she downed 5 16-oz bottles of water. what a champ.

anyway, i love this thing. thanks for listening. i gotta go now. time to pee again.

Monday, December 06, 2010

7-month late swoon

this post is from may, but i just recently found it. swoon swoon. i have a crush on both of them. if ever there were a girl to steal my husband from me, her name would be emily blunt.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

if you don't hear from me

over the next few weeks it will be because:

1. i'm still reveling in how wonderful my thanksgiving was. it was perfect and i want a repeat.

2. i'm all christmas-happy/last-minute gift shopping.

3. i'm watching mad men. amy and i watched 20 episodes the weekend before thanksgiving. we just started season 3 on tuesday and expect to be caught up through season 4 by next weekend, if not before. i mean, don't forget about my experience watching LOST. i can dominate some tv.

4. i'm rereading all 7 harry potter books. i finished book 1 last night. jk rowling, i owe you my first-born.

otherwise, i'll do my best to keep thrilling y'all with my musings.

Monday, November 22, 2010

jake + jimmy

i'm not sure what this is exactly, but i like it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

interesting amanda knox update

if you're interested, check it out here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

airy pottah

tonight is harry potter. midnight. and we're there. even with my daily 7am alarm tomorrow morning.

one of my life's most legitimate, but unrealistic dreams, is that hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry was real and existed, and that i was in fact, after all these years, just a muggle-born wizard. true story.

i love harry potter. forever and always.


look at that ring. i cannot handle it. momma wants.

know what else i can't handle? baby harry! oh my lord. baby harry, you might be the baby i kidnap and buy a sapphire necklace for. i want to eat his little face.

ps - girl crush alert + dress crush. i want everything in this photo. royal engagement fevah!

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

holiday curmudgeons better get outta here!

thanksgiving and christmas are the slices of bread that make my most favorite sandwich of the year.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i just need to take 2.5 seconds to acknowledge the fact gwyneth paltrow absolutely killed it on glee last night. she's always been in my top 5 list of girl crushes, but last night man. wowzers. i want to go on vacation with that lady, and would most definitely move to london and/or LA to nanny apple and moses, and to play a good heart and soul with her hubby chris martin.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bling blang!

woohoo! i'm stoked for this, and admittedly unreasonably so. probably mostly because i have a big girl crush on kate middleton. congrats to prince william + soon-to-be princess kate. i know you're both big followers of the blog.

anyway, check out that BLANG! first of all, it's princess diana's engagement ring. and second of all HELLO SAPPHIRE. now, i'm not really much of a jewelry girl. i love it, but for some reason i just don't have a good eye for what jewelry would accessorize what outfit best. (la kitty kat beck is my go-to woman for that). and because i'm so bad at it, i get easily overwhelmed and discouraged that everything/nothing jumps out to me rather than specific pieces.

anyway, so, not the best jewelry go-to girl, but i'll tell you one thing that i do like: sapphires. they're just so freaking pretty, and for no other reason than that, for a while i've wanted a tiny baby sapphire necklace. (please note: baby here means a necklace with a small stone, not an actual sapphire necklace for a baby. if that were the case, call the cops because i guess i've kidnapped a baby). my roommate amy has a perfect sapphire ring that's surrounded by diamonds that i think was her grandmother's (amy, is that right?). i wish she had normal human fingers so that i could borrow it. and by borrow i mean gaze at longingly because i would never borrow someone else's heirloom jewlery. and by "i wish she had normal human fingers" i just mean that she has small delicate fingers, and i'm jealous.

the end.

ps - i should probably establish that this is not part of my christmas list. for that info, please see my actual christmas list.

Friday, November 12, 2010

peas and thank you

i found another life/food/fitness blog. i'm addicted, i really am.

i stumbled across peas and thank you a little while ago and at first glance, i admit that i was reluctant.

judging her about me,

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I used to be a lawyer.
I used to be a meat eater.
I used to be well-rested and relatively well-groomed.

Now I'm a writer.
Now I don't eat animals.
Now I'm a stay-at-home mom.

I'm Mama Pea.

i was expecting sarah's blog to be more "i'm a momma and a vegetarian, and you should be too!" than sarcastic, real, and hilarious.

turns out, that's what peas and thank you is. i've already slol'ed a few times (silent laugh out loud).

i especially love her hate/hate relationship with her cat. basically they used to be besties until mama pea got pregnant, and now they're mortal enemies living under the same roof. so so funny.

dear santa

dear santa,

when i was little, i used to be so perplexed by adults' christmas lists and gifts. money? who wants money for christmas? a vacuum cleaner? who wants a vacuum cleaner? (actually my brother. he asked for a rainbow vacuum for his high school graduation gift. oh, the clines: a family of weird ocd-esque goofballs).

well santa, i'm grown-up now, at least my birth certificate would say so, and now i understand. after all, i asked for an electric toothbrush for my birthday. so without further ado, i give you my 2010 christmas wishlist. sit back and enjoy it in all of its boring adultness.

1. cash money

2. a green garmin forerunner 405

3. a shopping spree (i borrow my roommates' clothes more than i wear my own. i've probably bought new clothing twice in the last year).

4. more cash money so that i can go to martinique (although that could push to my birthday).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

new blog

this blog had me at toasted marshmallow milkshake.

nice to meet you, joy the baker. i look forward to our many mouth-watering days ahead together.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

damn you, autocorrect!

i lol'ed so many times reading through the first page of this today.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

casey in the city

i feel like now is also a good time to mention how much i've grown to dislike the title of my blog. it's so kitschy. i don't even know if kitschy is the right word, but it sounds right. casey in the city. come on, 2008-cline. could you not have thought of something better?

but alas, i've got all my formatting just right and my link will change and my readers (all eleven of you!) will get all confused and then give up on me because you can't find me.

what's a bloggirl to do? maybe i'll switch to wordpress or something more jazzed up. thoughts?


my #1 lady. my boo. my idol.

lance lohman, you send the best links.

tina fey, i hope to one day meet you and not totally creep you out. i'll woo you with my southern twang and penchant for eating like a high school boy.

i'm reading through this list and will let you know exactly how many things i didn't know about her. stand by...

die alone - ingrid michaelson

i'm back from the depths of work and visitors (especially a super hottie one!) and the land of i-don't-have-enough-time-to-even-breathe.

back with a vengeance (if vengeance were a cute nerdy girl with a smooth voice).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

maybe i take it back

after stumbling across this article, i may have to take back what i said about love and other drugs. check out #10 on dave karger's list. maybe i just need to focus on the good parts of the preview and ignore the ones that make me feel weird. maybe i'll just go see it and give it a shot.

Monday, October 18, 2010

before + after

desmond halpert cline aka "d money" aka "babers" went to the groomer for the first time today.

check out these before and after photos.

the social network music

i forgot to add that the soundtrack is also pretty amazing. i'm getting it tonight.

the social network

we went to see the social network on saturday and it was amazing. everything about it was awesome. i even forgot justin timberlake was justin timberlake, if that says anything. i want to go see it again, and i'm willing to pay nyc movie theatre prices to do so. aaron sorkin and david fincher = winning combination. there were so many times when i consciously thought the writing was incredible and the cinematography was likewise. ahhhhh just go see it.

first day of my life

and since i haven't posted a makes-me-wanna-cry song in a while, let's do it up today! this came on my ipod this morning, and i had to listen to it two more times in its entirety. i love this song and the video. i might even consider it to be one of the sweetest songs i've ever heard, yet it doesn't make me want to vom up my breakfast from too much sap. i think because the lyrics are just so simple and sincere without too much gushiness. win win!

stress fracture

want to know why i haven't posted about running in a week? it's not because the puppy love has worn off and i'm back to hating running, like in the olden days. it's because after my last endeavor last sunday - a pride-swelling 6.34 miles - i woke up monday morning, and it hurt to walk. every time i put weight on my left foot, which it so happens, is a lot, it felt like a constant foot cramp. well, long story short, it still hurts, and i've self-diagnosed a stress fracture. granted, it could just be a pulled muscle, but from what i've read about stress fractures - namely that they "typically occur in weight-bearing bones, such as the... metatarsals (bones of the foot)," and that they "commonly occur in sedentary people who suddenly undertake a burst of exercise (whose bones are not used to the task),... and in professional and amateur distance runners who run high weekly mileage."* now, i wouldn't call myself sedentary in general, but in terms of running, yes. i decided to run one day, and i ran 3 miles. then 4. then holy crap - 5! then 6! then, oh my god i can run so far! i'm so proud of myself! i am a running queen, hear me roar! yessss! a triumphant 6.34 miles. i did this even though b-town kept saying, "awesome, good for you, but don't push your body too hard. running is hard on the body." and now i'm learning my lesson the hard way, one day of uggs at a time (because the only shoes i can wear semi-comfortably are my big bulky ugg boots).

*thanks wikipedia. you are so reliable and smart.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blue valentine

okay, i've completely given up hope for this. i admitted to myself that talented actors don't always mean a great movie. and let's be honest, this preview is pretty bad. i still can't get over the whole "i need you" exchange. it makes me feel really weird, and jakey g doesn't do that to me often. i usually feel excited about his roles, and also weirded out because i used to have a major major crush on him until someone pointed out that he and my brother kind of look alike and well... i don't know what to do with that. SO, without further ado, i present a movie that i am very excited to see: blue valentine. the preview doesn't give away much, but imdb says, "the film centers on a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods." oh, and it just landed an nc-17 rating, which is pretty intriguing.

anyway, come december 31st, i'll be in a matinee showing somewhere if i can help it.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

tina be lookin goooood

i love this lady.

can't wait for her book to come out!

Friday, October 08, 2010


the great bolo asked for more photos of penelope and desmond.

well, the great bolo gets what the great bolo wants:

check out these chitlins

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

run run run some more

i'm cutting right to the chase with this one: i ran 6 miles last night. crazyballs! and i spent the better part of the last half on my headphones chit-chatting it up with beantown. yeahhhhh! i don't know what kind of crazy trick my body is pulling on me, but i will blindly play along for as long as it wants me to.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

time management

truth: i love lists and getting things done, but i'm terrible at time management. it's taken me a while to realize it, but i finally have. please relive this recent moment with me:

(in amy's room)
caroline (in a minor panic): "omg i have so much to do. it's already 3 and jonathan gets here at 6! we need to finish laundry, go to whole foods, eat, and take the dogs out all before jonathan gets here."
me: "okay, okay, okay. here's what we'll do. i love plans. you go get our laundry, i'll take the dogs out, then we'll..."
caroline (interrupting): "okay, i am just going to stop you right there because whatever you're about to say is NEVER going to work out. you are terrible at time management."
amy: *uncontrollable laughter*
me: "oh, well i mean if we hurry."
caroline: "nope, it won't work out."
casey: "okay, you're right."

seriously. i dillydally like it is no one's business. but thank the good lord above, best article every day has done it again (they really do post the best article every day): 30 smart time management tips and tricks.

maybe this will help me with what is perhaps my #1 bad habit. it's either bad time management or picking my cuticles (gross, i know).

my favorite photo

this is it. it's from time magazine's photo of the week, from june 5, 2007.

it's called "on the horizon" and the caption reads, "an acacia tree sits against a bright blue sky in the masai mara park reserve in nairobi, kenya."

during the summer of 2007, i interned at abc 11 in durham, and i found this photo then, and have loved it ever since.

beantown and i decided to add seeing it in person to our fantasy adventure list. we'll probably kill 2 birds with 1 stone and knock it out with climbing mt. kilimanjaro. makes sense, right?

Monday, October 04, 2010

run run run

i haven't blogged about running in a while, have i? well, reading all of these food + fitness blogs has done more than to just inspire me in the kitchen - it really makes me want to run more! which if you've been reading this blog since i started it, you'll know is a feeling that comes and goes for me. that's beside the point, though. the point is: i ran 5.2 miles friday night! thursday night i ran 4, and it was one of those runs where, yeah my body was kind of tired and i was obviously working, but i could have kept going for i don't know how long. that feeling must have carried over into friday. i mapped out a run from our apartment, down along the hudson river park, and back. i've never run that far in my life, and although i know it's not a super long distance (a marathon is that x5), i was super pumped and proud of myself. and what's even better is again, i could have kept going!

anyway, enough about running. just wanted to share my personal triumph with y'all.

Friday, October 01, 2010

joining the ginge

remember when this happened?

well wednesday night, i took the plunge and joined the likes of christina hendricks (of mad men), cynthia nixon (of sex & the city), and emma stone (of superbad, zombieland, easy a): all natural blondes disguised as redheads.

that's right, i dyed my hair red. crazy! much to the dismay of my pops, i used to dye my hair dark brown every winter starting junior year of high school through to my sophomore year of college. and then, no more. i haven't been anything other than my own blonde since then. but without fail, the itch returns every fall, and this time, i gave in.

photo to follow soon...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

jimmy fallon killed it!

now this, this you expect from justin timberlake, but jimmy fallon? now, i've always been a fallon fan (i actually loved it when he would break character on SNL), but i never saw this coming.

soooooo good!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"and i urge you..."

"and i urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'if this isn't nice, i don't know what is.'"
- kurt vonnegut, a man without a country

happy birthday matthew + nana!

happy birthday matthew cline! you are the best big brother in the world. here are a few reasons why:

1. you shared your ketchup on eggs trick with me, and i've used it ever since.
2. you started teaching your high school algebra to me when i was in elementary school.
3. you gave me a really long talking to in middle school about how i would outgrow my awkwardness and get prettier, and how anyone who was cool then would fade in popularity, and how if i was just nice to people, i'd find my own clique and be just fine.
4. you promised me i would get a nice boyfriend in high school.
5. you let me sleep in your room (and you would make my pallet every single night) from when i was in elementary school until you moved out (when i was in 8th grade).
6. you let me tag along when you went to play whiffle ball or whatever else with your neighborhood friends. even when they made fun of me for wearing just a diaper and "talking to animals and playing with mud."
7. you enforced tough love at rather inconvenient moments that i only appreciate now (like when i fell from the fence onto our concrete driveway, breaking my glasses, hurting myself, and cracking my thumbnail in two as a result). remember, you said "well, that's what you get."
8. you made me great start breakfasts and let me watch the simpsons with you.
9. you rightfully told me not to join you while you watched "a clockwork orange," and then you let me "secretly" watch from the stoop on our stairwell anyway. although i really shouldn't have.
10. you gave me my favorite people in the world - owen and sophia! and the little baby french fry in the oven!

AND a HUGE happy birthday to my nana cline!

i love you both oh so much!

america's most expensive zip codes

interesting. when we moved back at the end of july, we moved from the 110th most expensive zip code in america, to the 289th most expensive. cool, except i would love it if my zip code wasn't even on that list.


this song came on my ipod this morning, and i have to tell you, it gets to me.

now, i will never forgive usher for cheating on chilli from tlc (aka the sexy in crazysexycool, and the one on the right in that photo) forever ago (i still hold a grudge, even if she doesn't), but i will praise him when he deserves it. this song is a few years old, and still every time i hear it, i feel like my "heart is obliterated." sidenote: i can't remember ever hearing "obliterated" in another song - well played, ursh. just keep it in your pants, okay? because i'm tired of hearing songs from you about cheating on a woman and then you being upset over it. i mean, hindsight 20/20, but maybe don't cheat on her, and then you won't have to break the news to her that you have a baby lovechild on the side. i don't know, just a thought.

Monday, September 27, 2010

eve's apple

my best friend, eve donegan, has just started up her own blog dedicated to "why relationships suck, why they’re necessary and how to keep one alive." take a peek at eve's apple.

this little lady, whom i love oh so much, has been in a relationship with her boy for a long time now, and i trust her advice to the max. once she and shaner had decided that they loved each other and wanted to be with each other, they maintained the motto that if they were meant to be together, it would work out. and they went for it. something that's been extremely important to the two of them is that they each do their own things - go on their own adventures - and then one day they would adventure together. and that's exactly what they've done. their relationship has seen evie in denver for college with shane back in ouray (6 hours apart), shane in denver with roommates and evie in denver with roommates, shane in france, evie in northern ireland, and evie in new york for over a year while shane was in telluride. they are the masters of long-distance, and i bow down to them. they've been all over the map separately, and for the past year, made their own map together, living together in telluride and now journeying to MARTINIQUE to live together. now do you understand why i said they deserve such an adventure? hats off to these two. i love em!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a winning combination

two of my favorite things combined: L O S T + weezer

(and by "L O S T," i mean jorge garcia).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

food + fitness blogs

guys, i am obsessed with fitness + food blogs lately. specifically those that really stress the importance of balancing food, fitness, life, AND indulgences. balance is key, and without allowing some treats into your life, i really think that balance that so many people strive for gets out of whack. the key is to know when to STOP eating the cookies, peanut butter, banana bread, whathaveyou.

so, i present to you the blogs i've been stalking like a crazy madwoman:

skinny runner. i love how sarcastic this chicky is! just my type of peeps.

the fitnessista, whose weight training plans i want to start following.

peanut butter fingers (or p.b. fingz as i like to refer to her. yes, i "refer to her" often when discussing all of the new creations i've been whipping up in our kitchen. she sometimes throws the most random things together, which is exactly how i like to eat and cook. plus, her blog's name includes peanut butter. COME ON. how could i not love?)

carrots n cake

healthy tipping point bonus points: she lives in charlotte! i'm always partial to my fellow north carolinians.

girl meets health, who i just found today, but already think i'm going to check daily.

the more i read, the more i wonder if i should start incorporating my own daily eats and habits into my blog. it's already such a hodgepodge of my thoughts, ideas, likes, etc. that i figure why not add one more? plus, keeping track of what i'm fueling/destroying my bod with every day would be a great way to hold myself more accountable. if i can see it in print/onscreen, then i can track it and see where i need to make changes. hmm....

Monday, September 20, 2010

oK go - white knuckles

this goes out to my boy, dizzy d! desmond halpert cline, i love you boooooyyyyy!

(also, wassup penelope jane stanley! you know you're my girl, too!)

oh my dear good god

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. PLEASE.

the face of facebook

you know, this project could have easily fallen into the wrong hands, but with aaron sorkin and david fincher on board, i can't deny how excited i am to see the social network.

i came across this article this morning, and though i haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, will definitely be doing so later this evening.

Friday, September 17, 2010

casey in the city is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. the writing style is personal and happy most of the time.

ha - i'll take it!

quelqu'un m'a dit

carla bruni came up in conversation recently, and it reminded me of how much i'm in love with this song. i first heard it about 4 years ago and it just makes me feel so warm and happy every time i hear it.

it's actually on the 500 days of summer soundtrack, and thus on the 500 days of summer - lil wayne mash-up album, 500 days of weezy (track #15), which i have been listening to non-stop for the past week. it's so good.

and there you have it. the first lady of france and lil wayne all in one post. is your mind blown?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

love and other drugs

alright. i'm torn. on one hand, this trailer has a few good moments (e.g., at the 1:31 mark), anne hathaway and jake gyllenhaal have undeniable chemistry, and, it's anne hathaway and jake gyllenhaal.

on the other hand, the cheesy song and "this fall" hits around 1:37, then the whole "i need to you*," "i'm going to need you more" exchange happens, and that just makes me feel weird about the whole thing.

truth be told, it looks like they turned this into this meets this, and i'm not sure if i'm buying. buuuuut, i'll stop being a hater and trust my old faithful, jake g. i just hope he doesn't let me down.

*i legit thought he was saying "i need to go" the first few times i watched this. what happens there? you think maybe he had a bubble in his throat?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

people i've seen today

  1. kristin cavallari
  2. daniel franzese
1. don't let the imdb page fool you; she's no actress. althoooough, she is from laguna beach and the hills, so perhaps she's the greatest actor of them all.

2. damian from mean girls! dear lord, his one-liners from that movie are legendary, this one included.

in my opinion, number 2 trumps number 1. by a thousand.

guess =w=hat today is!

today is the release day for weezer's new album, hurley! despite the fact that sometimes i still can't figure out how to embed videos, i'm posting this one anyway, for their new single, "memories." which, guess what! i like!!! woohoo! i just bought the album and will listen to it today and let y'all know what i think. not that i'm a music critic or that you asked or anything.

twenty seven strangers

starbucks has been offering their "pick of the week" free music downloads for a while now, and just last week i picked up one that i'm really excited about. i'd never heard of villagers or this song, "twenty seven strangers," but i'm in love with it. i can't get over the sound of the singer's voice. it's so soothing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010


let's set aside the template for what the typical childhood star's life turns out to be (rise, fall, crash, burn. sad.) and discuss willow smith. fierce! i hope she doesn't follow lohan's lead.

this chickadee is 9. when i was 9 i was in the 3rd and 4th grades, and my biggest accomplishment was the fact that i was a really fast runner, or maybe that i won the spelling bee in my first grade class. and by class i mean the actual class i was in, not my entire grade.

dannnnnng girl!

ps - spit out the gum!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

high school

inspired by a few pictures from high school that were recently posted on facebook, i've been feeling a little nostalgic for high school lately. and since i'm not one to steer clear of getting emotional, i delved deep into the nostalgia, and have been downloading a lot of the music i listened to back then. granted, i've always listened to the same types of music/bands, but i've been on the hunt for those particular songs that make me feel like i've traveled back in time.

so, please, come along with me on this flashback journey...

phish - farmhouse
this reminds me of sophomore + junior years. i distinctly remember listening to this song while driving, shifting down to 2nd gear in my cavalier, approaching a stoplight on highway 70, on a dewy fall morning. i don't know if this is what the morning was like the first time i listened to it, or maybe one morning when i was playing it on repeat, but this is what i envision every time i hear this.

rolling stones - miss you (dr. dre remix)
this one takes me back to pulling into the west rowan high school parking lot, around 7AM, getting ready to start the day.

our lady peace - innocent
and this reminds me of my junior year when my awesome honors english 2/ap english 4 teacher, mrs. buckner, took us camping with her and her husband. that then reminds me of a journal entry i wrote while on the drive to our campsite - about seeing really dark grey clouds and then all of a sudden this crazy rainbow appeared, and then a HUGE lightning bolt struck in the middle of the rainbow.

speaking of high school journals, i think i made 2. now that i'm thinking about them, i can't wait to get home for christmas so i can reread through them. my best friends, kathryn, laura, meagan and i all made them together and poured our hearts into them. those journals were a creative little mash-up of scrapbooking and diary-keeping. we would get so excited when it was time for one of us to start a new one, and i remember having journal decorating sessions during sleepovers on more than one occasion .

vanessa carlton - white houses
speaking of those ladies, this song takes me back to my freshman year at unc (because that's when it came out), and so i think of two things: first, listening to this song with stacey over and over in 715 hinton james, and second, the summer between freshman and sophomore years of high school, when we had some of the best nights ever just walking around kathryn's neighborhood with our friends evan and cj. there was a white house near kathryn's that was being built, and we'd often grab a few lawn chairs and set them up in a circle in the white house's garage and just talk for hours on end about the meaning of life, and other profound talks that i think everyone probably has in high school.

man, this nostalgia is really pouring out thick. i need to call it a night!


i love the fact that my brother and nana (my dad's mom) have the same birthday - september 28th, and my dad and sophia have the same birthday - TODAY! such a cool and coincidental pattern.

there's lots going on in my family world - my brother and his family are moving to MAINE on saturday, so everyone is busy, and i wish that i could be with them today more than ever. BUT the good news is my mom, dad, desmond, and i are flying up to maine for thanksgiving. i cannot wait.

happy birthday pops & nugget! i love y'all!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

50 cent translated into proper english

i'm not on twitter, but i'm really glad tweets like this are accessible.

i'm DYING over here. laughing. out. loud.

hanging on.

awesome little day lifter.

1. i like uplifting/inspirational/"we're all the same" things every now and then.
2. i love me some poems. the more elementary and rhymed, the better.

well, look what we have here


it's weird

that people (myself included) still get embarrassed whenever they trip or fall, or whenever they choke on whatever they're drinking*, or even their own spit. and furthermore, they always try to play it off**.

*yes, this just happened to me, on a full gulp (not sip, gulp) of water.

**this, too. i was just "coughing" because i have a "cough." not because i almost drowned myself sitting at my desk.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

cute overload

  1. owen looks like a little man now. not really, but you know what i mean. he's not a baby anymore! yet he's still SO FREAKING CUTE. as evie likes to say, he has little boy eyes (synonymous with almond-shaped eyes). he is such a heartbreaker. he's like a little blonde, american bieber. except i'm not sure if he's got the vocals to back that claim up. anyhoot, my heart bursts looking at this pic.
  2. sophia is getting so big. i know that's ridiculous to say because all babies get big. but being away from her while she's changing so much in such a short amount of time - every new photo i see of her shocks me. check out that silly band. and her outfit (priscilla is the best baby dresser ever). she's just so precious.
  3. i spent a good chunk of my labor day installing two towel racks in our bathroom. when we were finished, i checked to make sure they were level with little baby desmond. he wasn't phased at all, and even put his head down like he could take a nap.

he. is. good.

check out jay pharaoh, the 4th new cast member to join SNL's 36th season.

the announcement of his addition coincides with that of jenny slate's departure.

let's pause and thank god for the lineup of amazing hosts. SNL is really kicking off with a bang this season: amy poehler, bryan cranston (y'all know how i feel about my breaking bad!), and jane lynch.

are you ready for this, DVR?

my take: jesus loves porn stars

an intriguing, quick read.

happy 25th birthday, chumba!

happy 25th birthday, caroline! i love you!!!

ps - this picture is from 4th of july 2007 in wilmington - so fun!

pps - wilmington has been tugging at my heart strings a lot lately. interesante, interesante.

stair master

the elevator in our building has been out since last week so many trips were made up and down (including 1 fall on my part - fun!) over the weekend. i just stood up from my desk and wondered for a second why my legs feel so sore, and then i remembered the 10-20 6-flight treks we made yesterday. i'll count that as my cardio for yesterday.

Friday, September 03, 2010

well, let the drum beat drop

lindsay, caroline, amy and i had our first outing as a foursome last night, and we did it up big roomie style at the marina & the diamonds concert at webster hall. the space was small and intimate, and marina was awesome. we sang and danced our little hearts out all night. below are the 4 songs that gave me chills hearing live. especially "i am not a robot." i love this song, and last night definitely secured it a spot on my top 10 favorite songs list.

"i am not a robot"


"mowgli's road"


ps - what is it about cute + quirky british girl singers (kate nash, marina, lily allen, etc.) that gets me so much? i LOVE them. i kind of wish i was one myself. ahh grass is greener. i really wish it were acceptable to move to london and naturally adopt a british accent (by the way, madonna, it's not).

Thursday, September 02, 2010

i'll put this in my back pocket

for whenever i'm having one of my "what the f am i doing here?" days.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

god bless you, wendy's

if you have 2 minutes, 39 seconds to spare today, take a little looky at this. it will really lift you out of that mid-day slump.

skitchety sketch

i'm officially enrolled in sketch 201! a spot opened up today and i just happened to check the site this morning and catch it. this is a huge relief considering the sketch program requires that you take 201 within 2 years of completing 101, or else you lose the 101 credit. after taking 101 and 201, i'll become eligible to audition for the house sketch teams (meaning the teams that get weekly shows and are featured on the ucb website). sketch 101 was the first class i took at ucb back in january of 2009, so i cut it pretty close (considering sketch 201 isn't offered a ton throughout the year). phew!

more martinique

okay. i just did a little tidbit of martinique research and yes, i can surf in martinique (the ocean gave it away). oh, and i'm going to add horseback riding somewhere cool to my list of adventures. that "somewhere cool" may also be martinique because they have beach horseback riding. guess who has NEVER ridden on a horse, despite the ample amounts around me in ole north cackalack, and the fact that my sister-in-law's family has horses.

i have ridden on an elephant before, though, so that's gotta count for something right?

fantasy adventure list

a certain redheaded texan (no, not you, amy stan) and i have been daydreaming a lot lately and i decided to put my dreams to paper and come up with a list. i achieve and feel best about my to do lists when i can physically highlight/scribble/cross them out, so that's what i plan to do: i'm turning this bad boy from a fantasy adventure list into a to do list. now, unless either of us wins the lottery (which we are also planning on in the near future) these obviously won't happen all at once, but i intend to mark them all off, no matter how long it takes. call me a dreamer if you must, cause i won't deny it.
  1. climb mt. kilamanjaro
  2. skydive (not sure where)
  3. surf in chile
  4. bungee jump in new zealand
  5. scuba dive in fiji
  6. trek argentina/chile
  7. backpack alaska

now that i think about it, i need to add this entire list to my bucket list. sublists are the best. thank god for lists and organization. and sharpies. and pretty notepads. DIGRESSION!

okay. big news guys. i've decided that for my 25th birthday in february, i'm going to slap down my credit card and spend some big bucks to go visit my best friend, evie, in martinique. oh, which reminds me, my best friend evie is moving to martinique. her boyfriend, shane, is going to be teaching english down there to all the frenchies, and evie's going to run, wear her bathing suit, and write a lot. sweet life! (let me take a second to give her due credit: she and shaner have put in a lot, a lot, a lot of time apart, and a lot of individual hard work to get to this joint adventure in their lives, and i can't say anything other than they absolutely deserve it 100%). i'm so excited for them! and i'm so excited to use them as an excuse to splurge on a big trip. woohoo! so, that being said, i might make a few changes to the list above - i bet i could surf in martinique, right? let's find out.

well that took a turn

well done, editors. this trailer has me full on intrigued now. at first i was expecting an indie-love-documentary, and now i just don't know what to expect! what is going on here?!

Monday, August 30, 2010

breaking bad + the emmys

breaking bad.

watch it.

best show on tv. hands down. no amount of SAT adjectives could do it justice.

think what you will, but last night when aaron paul won the emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, mine, amy's and caroline's hearts soared. aaron paul deserves that emmy. his performance in the third season is so gripping and mind-blowing, i can't even describe it.

(sidenote: can we talk about bryan cranston's tears of joy for his co-star?! my emotional little heart almost couldn't take it.) speaking of which, bryan cranston represented with a three-peat win for outstanding lead actor in a drama series. and rightfully so.

ps - i'd also like to state for the record that i thought the emmys were REALLY funny this year, and i thought jimmy fallon did a great job.

pps - tina fey brought the laughs, too: whether it was just holding julia ormond's emmy onstage, mimicking american idol contestants when her name was announced for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series, or during the opening skit.

Friday, August 27, 2010

more mindless celebrity news

word on the skreets is jake gyllenhaal and rachel bilson may be a new couple.


can you imagine if these two got married (i'm not rushing things for them, am i?)?

i would hop on a plane to LA and beg them to have babies for me to nanny, and then the 3+ of us would live such a sweet and simple life.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

homeless jokes... courtesy of a homeless man

i'm just returning from a walk to get coffee with alana and galen, and as we walked back to our office, a homeless man approached us and asked, "what's the best thing about dating a homeless man?" what? "when you're finished with me, you can drop me off anywhere." two steps later he asked, "which one of you ladies wants to go home with a homeless guy?" and then his show stopper: "what's the best kind of nation?" what? "donation."

at first i felt bad for laughing at him, until i realized i was literally laughing with him.

Monday, August 23, 2010

what is it about 20-somethings?

i stumbled upon this article through a facebook post, and am now settling in to read it on-and-off throughout the day (it's a long one).

ben lee - apple candy

watch this video if you want, but i'm really only concerned with the song. although i do love postsecret, in my opinion, coupling the postcards with this song dramatizes both and takes away from how moving the song is alone.

this is strangely endearing

jenny slate's voice makes this for me.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

directed by dean fleischer-camp
written by jenny slate + dean fleischer-camp

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

speaking of my favorite nuggets...

check out this awesome video of my niece and nephew playing with owen's light sabers. you have to admit, 2 year-old sophia holds her own with some pretty sweet defense moves, and i'm equally impressed by owen's self-restraint in deciding not to absolutely obliterate sweet baby S.

ps - i hope that this is an indication that they'll both be super cool nerds.

happy anniversary, matthew + priscilla! - Happy anniversary to a great couple who are somehow related to me

on august 18th, 2001, i bawled my eyes out watching my brother and sister-in-law priscilla get married. 9 years later, and they're still one of my favorite couples and two of my favorite people to hang out with. plus, they made me an aunt x2!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ginger kids!

oh my ginger! years ago, my great friend lindsay church and i discovered this little diddy - a website dedicated to ginger kids. we were particularly amused because we had been terrorized by a family of badly behaved gingers for that summer and the 2 prior.

at some point, the url ceased to exist and i've since mourned the supposed loss of such until today, when i googled and found that it still exists, only in a different form! oh praise be to judas!

please enjoy.

ps - i'd like it to be known that i'm not a ginger hater. in fact, some of my favorite peeps are redheads. i'm talking to you, amy stanley (and you priscilla, and you beantown, and you baby sophia who had red hair when you were born, and you normal lindsay lohan circa parent trap).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

radiolab and npr present:


the best word i can use to describe this is pleasant. so very pleasant.

by the way, this is simultaneously my first encounter with radiolab. consder me very intrigued.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

high 70s, low 80s

while promoting their new film "scott pilgrim vs. the world," michael cera and jason schwartzman stopped by atlanta's fox 5 news to play pretend for the day. turns out they make a hilarious pair of weathermen. let's be honest with ourselves (read: casey, be honest with yourself), i have a bajilliony fleeting crushes. truth be told, jason schwartzman has been on constant rotation for a while now, and this definitely brings him back on the radar. bravo.

thanks, the frisky.

peanut butter love

confession: i'm breaking up for good with jif. i know, i know... i did write this post back in february, but it was around valentine's day, and we'd just gotten back together after a bad break up, and i was feeling all lovey dovey.

don't get me wrong, jif creamy is DELISH. he's been good to me for the last 20-24 years (poppa cline, can you guesstimate about how old i was when i first had peanut butter?). but i think i've actually found "the one." i can't believe it myself, but it's true.

lately i've been stalking peanut butter fingers, a blog about balancing life, running/working out, healthy meals, and indulgences. her general outlook is that healthy eating is important, but a healthy lifestyle means balance, and that balance can/should incorporate treating yourself every now and then.

there have honestly been a few moments when i've questioned whether or not my love for peanut butter is reasonable/healthy, and so i was really relieved and attracted to her blog. it is, after all, named after one of her favorite snacks of all time: 1 finger, dipped in peanut butter. wam bam thank you ma'am. so when i read this little snippet from one of her q&a sessions, i was inclined to test her recommendations.

What is your favorite type of peanut butter? Peanut Butter and Co.’s Mighty Maple is my new addiction!

The brand I buy the most often is Skippy natural peanut butter because it tastes just like the peanut butter I loved growing up. I loooove practically any kind of peanut butter… especially the honey roasted peanut butter you can grind yourself at Whole Foods.

the funny thing is, before i even found her blog, i stumbled across the peanut butter grinder one day with caroline at whole foods. you bet your sweet sasafrass that i tried the honey roasted peanut butter. and loved it. it doesn't hurt that i know exactly what's in it - honey roasted peanuts. skraight up. nothing else.

after reading that, when i found myself at the grocery store standing in front of the peanut butters, i opted for the skippy natural, and told jif not to worry, because i'd be back soon enough, sure that this was just another pb fling.

turns out, it's not a fling. this is the real deal. although i recognize that skippy natural is probably not as natural as it claims, i still like the fact that i can read the ingredients list and i'm not left scratching my head. and it legitimately tastes like the peanut butter you eat growing up.

so, although i'm sure jif and i will have casual flings and maintain a pleasant relationship throughout our lifetimes, i'm in fo' life with skippy and whole foods.

an open letter to lauryn hill

dear lauryn,

where are you? please come back.

gratefully yours,

ps - sometimes i forget about this song. and then it comes on my itunes and it leaves me speechless. really.

chris gethard

is a great performer at the ucb, and he's the star of the upcoming comedy central show, big lake, set to premiere on august 17th at 10pm.

aside from being a great improviser, he seems like such a genuinely great guy. instead of gushing over the things he's done in ucb past, i'll just post and suggest you read this interview.

so awesome. reinforces my feelings that if shit hit the fan and i had to move back home with no money and a new-found addiction to crack (because that's obviously how it would happen), i'd be 100% happy that the bulk of my time and money was put towards the ucb.

Monday, August 09, 2010


so the recent news that weezer's new album will be titled hurley, got me excited for two reasons. 1. i went to hurley elementary school, so i'm partial to that name, and 2. i naturally wondered if it is at all related to fan favorite hurley from L O S T. well guess what, kiddos... it is. turns out the album cover will be this photo of jorge garcia.

honestly, as long as the music is good, i'll make no arguments. and apparently for this trip around the ole block, my beloved =w= "will focus on the melodies and major chords of traditional '60s pop." oooooh me likey the sounds of that. rivers drops names like frankie valli, the beatles, and the beach boys. he also mentions "mixed with metallica guitars."

interesante. stay tuned for my thoughts when the album is released on september 14th.

poor baby biebs

nice aim, anonymous she-teen, angry at the world for not letting you have bieber all to yourself.


oh em god, guys. check this out.

that video isn't nearly as exciting as the knowledge that there is more to it than that... is? i'm not entirely sure how i should have constructed that sentence grammatically. but i digress. hello LOST epilogue! YES PLEASE. for my brother and sister-in-law's 9th wedding anniversary (august 18th), or for my dad's/niece's birthday (september 9th), i will graciously accept the LOST complete collection from anyone who is willing to gift it to me. and then i will pop some popcorn, peel open a bar of dark chocolate, and glue myself to the floor to watch this epilogue in full.

caroline's friend, deb, came over friday night and told us that the first 10 minutes were somehow leaked (and originally posted to this same link), but naturally, 2 seconds after it went up, the law gods were in full force and had any leakage replaced with the linked clip above. deb managed to watch before it was taken down and she spilled a few minor secrets to caroline, who then spilled one to me (though i normally despise surprises, i was okay with this one).

i can't wait!

Friday, August 06, 2010

bucket list

i'm starting a bucket list! maybe i'll post something every day. since i'm not the most rational thinker, you can expect some things to not make sense like "meet a brontosaurus." ohhh, dream big, me.

1. stand next to a redwood tree
2. run a half/full marathon

hell yeah, justice!

awesome story.

let's hope that raleigh never gets stolen. but if she did, i'd want her rescue to play out just like this. except i would actually want stabler and benson to be on the scene.

and now for mindless celebrity news...

my favorite comedy couple, amy poehler and will arnett, welcomed their second son today... abel james arnett (i like). he joins big broseph, archie.

those babies are gonna bring the LOLZ some day.

and emma watson (girl crush alert!) has *GASP* chopped off her hermione granger locks, and traded in for a cute pixie cut. how this is headline news beats me, but i'm going to be an enabler and keep that ridiculous ball rolling!

now, i know this is the type of cut that boys don't like, but girls all over the world envy. it's ballsy, low-maintenance, and striking. and if you can pull that off, it means you can pull anything off. think back to halle berry's short 'do and better yet, natalie portman circa v for vendetta. girlfriend rocked that scalp! emma has already conquered that elusive blend of adorable, classically beautiful, and hot, and now she's conquered the pixie. bravo you little british thing, you! consider me jeally (because yes, deep inside of me is a little yearning to one day shave my head and reveal my beautiful and striking bone structure. and by that i mean my over-sized head.).

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

oh, new york...

you so crazy!


because everyone is talking about how mind-bending the movie's concept is, how exceptionally executed it was, how beautifully shot, and how well directed, acted, scored, written, etc. it is, i will refrain from doing so. just please do yourself a favor and go see it. do it, and please do so in the theater. you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to.

i will, however, add that joseph gordon levitt* has been on my crush radar for a while now, and inception may have secured him a top 5 spot. his scenes in the hotel alone... amazing.

and tom hardy: hello. welcome to my crush list. please make yourself at home. i think you might be here for a while.

*now that i've heard the rumblings (and kept reminding myself of such while watching inception), i cannot picture anyone other than jogo playing the riddler in the next batman film. ahhh, please don't let me down, christopher nolan. not that you ever could.

Friday, July 30, 2010


20 secrets your waiter won't tell you

i especially agree with: #s 5, 10, 11, 13, 18, 20.

and on a related note, it's 2010, people. at least 20%. always. unless someone is just an outright dirty douche to you, please find it in your heart not to stiff them. it's how they're making a living.

okay. sermon is over.

and now, to prove that i don't only listen to depressing music...

i've been listening to these two a lot lately (oh, and just ignore the videos. 1. this dingbat still can't figure out embedding and 2. they're unofficial videos anyway)

ratatat "seventeen years"

and q-tip's "vivrant thing," which is definitely in my top 10 favorite songs. maybe 5, but i'd have to think about it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010


yesterday caroline and i went on an apartment excursion to home depot where we spent way too much time and money. then we headed to our new apartment to evaluate and paint, but first we made a quick trip to shake shack for sustenance. seriously, shake shack is delicious. burgers are a dime a dozen, but when you find a great burger, you know it. i imagine that's what it's like finding your wedding dress - when you know, you know. and boy do i know. and since i guess i'm going with this wedding dress - burger comparison, i'd like to say that i'm not opposed to an open marriage with shake shack. because in this crazy foodie land that is new york, i want to see other burgers. okay, moving on.

we came back to the new apartment and got started on painting my room. i'm really excited about all of the colors we've picked out. the color above is the same from my current room. i'm so in love with this color (and have been since kindergarten when cerulean was my favorite crayon), i couldn't bear to leave it behind. our new apartment has tons of natural sunlight, so i'm thinking that the constant light will make the color pop even more than it does now. we're big fans of bright, bold colors, and rather than bore you with intangible paint color names, i'll wait until we have a finished apartment and thrill you with lots of photos.

ps - the wow factor in the picture above is really heightened with the mass amounts of silly bandz, wouldn't you agree?

Friday, July 23, 2010

speaking of chris martin...

coldplay came on my ipod this morning, and it set the tone for a somber ride to work. before you call me up and tell me not to jump, it's okay, i'm in a really good, albeit, thoughtful mood.

anyway, i love coldplay. sometimes i forget how much i love them because i'll go through spurts of listening to them relentlessly, and then step back and remember that coldplay isn't my only musical soulmate, and maybe i should branch out again.

that being said, i may have kick-started one of said spurts with "warning sign" (which is another song that makes me want to bawl my eyes out) and "the scientist" (which is one of my all time favorite songs).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

postpartum depression

i subscribe to gwyneth paltrow's weekly online newsletter, goop, and i have to admit, i'm a genuine fan. i really like mrs. chris martin and her musings. she's obviously a well connected woman, and she uses those connections to provide her readers with varying opinions, thoughts and studies on a wide range of issues.

today her newsletter touched on the topic of postpartum depression, and i found it to be really moving. i've obviously never experienced motherhood, nor have i even experienced postpartum depression in a second hand nature (to my knowledge, at least). that being said, this does allow a certain bird's eye view into depression in general, and i appreciate that.

furthermore, i respect the honesty, support and information that today's newsletter provides. and admittedly, i was very touched by how open bryce dallas howard was about her experiences.

i have to warn you, this isn't a very happy read, but i imagine it's very comforting for anyone who has dealt with postpartum depression, personally or from a distance.

shitstorm/shitpocalypse 2010

this is an email i sent to amy and caroline this morning. i thought at first that i shouldn't post this due to the nature of the content, but since then i've clearly changed my mind. be warned: you'll find very little censorship here (including but not limited to the photo further below).


*Please be advised that a very gnarly picture is attached to this email.*

Come gather round, children. Let me regale you with a sweet, sweet story.

Setting: our apartment
Time: approximately 8:25 AM (EST)

I make the last minute touches on my getting ready routine - straighten a piece of hair here, spritz some perfume there - when something makes me think of our darling pets. Maybe Desmond barked or Penelope growled. Maybe it was just a feeling I had; I'm not sure because what happened next forced any previous thought from my head.

I walk into the living room to find Penelope, Desmond, and Charlie gathered around the same pile of slimy brown... something. Poop? Vomit? A delicious combo of the two? Furthermore, Desmond is eating/licking the yum pile. I snatch him up and land him what might be his hardest blow to date. He yelps and I genuinely feel bad about the child abuse... until I notice the remnants of runny poo around his mouth, and on his paws and fur. I JUST gave this tot a bath two nights ago and that's now out the window.

First thing's first: I take Desmond to the bathtub before I remember - shit! our tub/shower handle is broken and I can't switch from shower to bath. I improvise and clear out the kitchen sink and toss baby-angel in. The approximate time is now 8:30, when I should be waiting for, if not on, the M14D bus to work.

He is not happy about this, but neither am I, so we forge ahead, clearly unhappy with one another. I doggy-shampoo him, rinse, and towel dry before I toss him into the dog pen set up in Amy's room. Now there's nothing left for me to do but tackle the poop bomb that went off. I have no idea when the pooping went down, or who the culprits were (although I have my suspicions). It was quick, though, because I walked into the bathroom for a hot second, and there hadn't been anything wrong on my way in. On the side closest to the door of our coffee table, I find a couple solid pieces which are too big for baby D's body, thus leading me to believe the gift giver is Penelope. But the odd thing is that there are pieces of loose stool (gross) near the solids, and I wonder if Penelope is the sole owner. Then, on the other side of the coffee table are two more drops of loose poo, and finally, sitting in front of our chair is a huge pile of what looks like diarrhea, vomit, and regular poo. It's disgusting, and I want to hurl. I have no idea what to do so I start picking up the smaller pieces near the coffee table. To my ultimate disgusted despair, I find that the loose poo is too loose to avoid merging with the carpet. By this point I am way beyond WHAT THE MOTHER F!? mode and rushing around like a crazy woman. I finally go in for the kill and try to clean up the shturverd (shit + turd + vomit), but it's hopeless. There's no way there isn't going to be a stain, and I should have been on a bus to work yesterday at this point.

This leads me to the last resort. Please keep in mind that by this time I have little sweat splotches forming on my shirt from my manual labor. Nothing frustrates me more than stifling heat, and this is really starting to become overkill (because by this time, I'd turned off all the air conditioners in the apartment to try to do my green deed of the day). I frantically toss pet toys and shoes out of my way, and push the furniture away to start rolling the carpet up. Then I fold the roll in half and drag it like a dead body into the trash chute room. Then I do my best to make the living room seem presentable, pick up Penelope, check her butt (definitely a little piece of poop stuck there), and put her in the pen with Desmond (who by this time has curled up, wet and pitiful, on his dog bed, and is trying to figure out why random dog toys are flying into the pen, bouncing off of his body while he tries to nap), shoo away Charlie, do a once-over to make sure I didn't leave the straightener on to burn the place down, call Alana to advise her I will be late (at 8:38AM, mind you. I was moving lightning fast during those 13 minutes), and walk out the door, feeling like I've just left from working a hard day at the sweatshop.

In case you're wondering, after some thinking and analyzing, I've come to the conclusion that Penelope pooped the regular pieces (she didn't poop this morning when I took her outside), Charlie pooped the shturverd (it matched in color and smell to another recent incident we had), and Desmond enjoyed the special treats like day-after pizza. Which reminds me, as I set him down in the dog pen, he looked back up at me with a "Why Mommy?" look in his eyes, and burped the foulest shit-smelling burp I may have ever smelled. Thank you, my child, thank you. And good morning to you, too.