Friday, January 29, 2010

plug time!

check out these two blogs:

they are amazing and will change your life. for realz.

my roommate, amy, is doing a picture-a-day blog for the entire year of 2010. 365 days of pictures? can she do it? only time will tell.

three of my favorite people started a biased blog about unc basketball.

sam and benn wineka (whom i've known since birth. actually, sam and i were buddies in the womb. can you deal with that!?) and matt clements (whom i equal parts want to hug and kick in the shins at all times) created the rafters blog. still a pretty fresh baby blog, they've already been featured on and

oh, and my other roommate, caroline, and i may or may not be guest bloggers with the rafters soon. stay tuned.


i'm really not doing so hot at keeping this guy up to speed, am i?

2010! bring back the blog!