Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

poker face

i might have a new hobby

and in case you're wondering what that pile of chips is next to me - that's victory.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

when _________ got ____ (on lost)

i had been waiting with bated breath for the moment that lance is referring to. unfortunately, i can't spill any more details because i refuse to spoil, but i wanted to high-five god when it happened.

Monday, February 22, 2010

lost update #2

as of last night, i am on episode 21 of season 2. which means that from my last update to today's, i've watched 24 episodes. that comes out to about 4.8 episodes per day. these days, i only leave my apartment when forced. surprisingly, everyone i've spoken to about this crack fiend-like addiction supports me. a friend even told me that i should expect to give up any hope of having a social life or working out while i'm watching it - it's that addicting. i applaud and appreciate my friends for patting me on the back with this.

i wish i could spill all of my feelings (i have a lot) about certain characters and events, but i just can't risk spoiling ANYTHING for potential future viewers.

45 episodes down, 76 to go.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



thanks to the great bolo, aka poppa cline, for sharing this with me.

are they wearing jeans?

i'm interested to know what everyone thinks of the US men's snowboarding uniform this winter olympics. here is an interesting article. my roommates and i have been discussing over the past couple of days and have taken different stances. caroline doesn't like the hipster-vibe, nor does she like the look of the sagging jeans-inspired pants. i agree with the sagging aspect (not sure if that's a design element, or actual sagging on individual snowboarders' parts - this is the olympics, people. keep it classy; don't sag your ski pants). amy thinks they're trying to be "too cool for school." i do think the jeans inspiration is kind of cool, and the red, white, & blue plaid is nice. i like the look overall, but i can't decide if i think it's olympics-appropriate.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

facebook ad fail.

seriously? with anyone?! helloooo gary busey.

lost update #1

last night i left work on time and got home with enough time to eat dinner, relax, and watch a little tv before bed. my goal was to get a lot of sleep since i've not been getting enough lately. so i got in bed about 10 or 10:30 with every intention of watching 1 episode of lost.

4 episodes later, it was 1:30AM. at least i tried.

21 episodes down, 100 to go.

amy and i figure out the cross-out font

please excuse my language. i was going for extreme.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


speaking of tv, i started watching lost. i am falling into a black abyss of mesmerizing confusion, and i love it. i'm on episode 18 of what will eventually be a total of 121. you can expect my life to revolve around fictional plane crash survivors for the next couple of months.

24 (not really a spoiler alert)

during every season of 24, there's always at least one character that just really gets on my (and everyone else's) nerves. this season, that little flea is dana walsh. she is really grinding my gears right now. she needs to clean up her mess and stop distracting me from jack bauer's going-ons.

Monday, February 15, 2010

what does my handwriting say about me?

according to this quick handwriting analysis, i ...

- am open to the world around me and like to socialize with other people.
- am well-adjusted and adaptable.
- am feeling tense and am restricting myself in some way.
- tend to be skeptical and am unswayed by emotional arguments.
- am versatile.

i'll take that, although i never write in cursive, so i wonder how that affected my results.

miss tina regrets

i love this woman.

happy president's day!

top 10 forgettable presidents

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

nail polish!

since i've moved to new york, i've become much more obsessed with nail polish. in particular, i'm obsessing a little over three colors from this valentine's day selection. i want opi's "mod about you", china glaze's "for audrey", and china glaze's "agent lavendar."

does anyone know where to get china glaze in nyc?

dreamed vs. dreamt

which is it?

also, i've noticed people saying "fishes" lately as opposed to "fish," which is what i was taught in elementary school is the plural of fish. is "fishes" grammatically correct now?

only in dreams

i dreamt last night that i was jack bauer. it wasn't like i was myself but jack bauer, or i was myself and then transformed into jack bauer. i was just jack bauer. i was running through some neighborhoods and hiding out in some weird hidden bedroom in a house. i don't remember who was chasing me, or why, but it was really thrilling.

casey + jif 4 eva

i like, nay, i love food. i love it so much i want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant (tracy jordan, 30 rock). one food in particular that i really love is peanut butter. specifically, JIF creamy peanut butter. yum-a-lum. i've tried lots of other kinds - natural, less fat, less sodium, etc. i've even tried almond butter since it's supposed to be better for you. nothing can top JIF creamy for me.

my roommates and i like to play the "question game" with other people. one question that we especially love to ask is, "if you were stranded on an island, what 3 food ingredients (read: you can't take a cheeseburger. you can take cheese, or hamburger, but not an entire cheeseburger) would you bring with you? maybe there's already fruit on the island, maybe not. maybe there are wild animals you can kill for their meat, maybe not. we don't know, so your answer depends on not knowing. for a while my answers were cheese, peanut butter, and pineapple or apple (can't decide). i also flip-flop with dark chocolate. i really want it, but there's not much nutritional value other than the antioxidants, and there's no guarantee that i have fresh water to wash it down with.

but then in december, right before christmas, i started to feel run down. i ignored all the warning signs until it was too late. one night i came home, had some dinner (which included my beloved jif) and went to bed. then i woke up in the middle of the night and the aches and pains i'd been feeling all week announced themselves full force in the form of the flu. i'll spare you the details, but peanut butter is an awful thing to taste on the way back up. so peanut butter and i, for the first time in our courtship, went our separate ways.

i've avoided going back into jif's loving, fatty arms until this week. i'm dogsitting (for a really nice apartment in the west village. i've been pretending for the past week that i am carrie bradshaw, minus the sexcapades and chatty brunches). i had to stock up on groceries, and when i noticed that i had in my basket a bunch of bananas, and a loaf of bread, i knew what i needed to do. so i bought a mini-jar.

long, boring story short, me and peanut butter are back on the mend! we are back on full swing, and i think i've learned something really valuable. when you find true love and it's meant to be, your taste buds will always find a way to overcome.

ps - i realize that this is the 2nd blog i've written about having to break up with food. i'm okay with that, so don't judge me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

speaking of spoof...

this is hilarious

amazing performance by stevie ryan

Thursday, February 04, 2010

ay ay ay eye

hey y'all! remember this post? well guess what! that eyeball you see there to the left is mine. in fact, it happens to be the most stubborn eyeball in the history of my life. turns out that little guy developed excess scar tissue on my cornea, and is going to have to come face-to-face with a laser for the 3rd, and possibly 4th time. so, let's recap, shall we? on january 3rd of 2008, i had prk. february 5th of 2009 i had a prk touch-up on my right eye. so here's what's happened as a result. and here is what has to happen the first week of march (please take a moment to check out the sexy that is the 2nd photo).

whenever you hear about lasik (and the less known 'prk') you always hear, "99% of patients never have a problem again." i am in the 1% that does. it's still the best thing i've ever purchased for myself, but this has turned into a longer ordeal than i bargained for, but that's okay.

ps - look how dilated my pupil was! if you've never had your eyes dilated, you should know that when you do, lights become MUCH brighter and your vision blurs a lot (close-up). it can be very disorienting and therefore very funny.

happy birthday...

to my sister-in-law, priscilla!

wise words

a person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.

- dave barry

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

add a point to my nerd column

i have a newfound obsession with scrabble. i actually only learned how to play it last year, but thanks to technology, my heart has opened up just a little wider to make room for the scrabbz. i downloaded the "words with friends" (read: scrabble) app on my phone, and have been playing scrabble via facebook. i'm not the best, but i'm addicted, and no one ever said you have to be good at an addiction. you just have to be addicted. and that i am.