Thursday, February 18, 2010

are they wearing jeans?

i'm interested to know what everyone thinks of the US men's snowboarding uniform this winter olympics. here is an interesting article. my roommates and i have been discussing over the past couple of days and have taken different stances. caroline doesn't like the hipster-vibe, nor does she like the look of the sagging jeans-inspired pants. i agree with the sagging aspect (not sure if that's a design element, or actual sagging on individual snowboarders' parts - this is the olympics, people. keep it classy; don't sag your ski pants). amy thinks they're trying to be "too cool for school." i do think the jeans inspiration is kind of cool, and the red, white, & blue plaid is nice. i like the look overall, but i can't decide if i think it's olympics-appropriate.


shwineka said...

The entire snowboarding culture revolves around that look, and in keeping with that, I think the US uniforms are pretty classy. I mean, you wouldn't make Shaun White cut his hair, why make the whole team wear something they're not used to. I didn't think the pants sagged as much as they are just baggy. I'm defending these unis to the bitter end.

Chris said...

Best uniform award: