Friday, February 12, 2010

dreamed vs. dreamt

which is it?

also, i've noticed people saying "fishes" lately as opposed to "fish," which is what i was taught in elementary school is the plural of fish. is "fishes" grammatically correct now?

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Chris said...

"Dreamed" and "dreamt" are both grammatically correct; however, dreamt tends to read as a little more archaic or perhaps as a little more British. Think of it like "gray" and "grey" or "mustache" and "moustache"--all are accepted spellings, you just have to make a stand on which one you want to use. Or, just go with whichever your spell-checking program hates least.

According to Webster's, "fish" is the plural but "fishes" is used when referring to different species. Again, this is pretty esoteric and you can pretty much do whatever you like--sadly, we're not in elementary school anymore and not everything is black and white.

But all the grey matter is still personal preference.