Thursday, February 04, 2010

ay ay ay eye

hey y'all! remember this post? well guess what! that eyeball you see there to the left is mine. in fact, it happens to be the most stubborn eyeball in the history of my life. turns out that little guy developed excess scar tissue on my cornea, and is going to have to come face-to-face with a laser for the 3rd, and possibly 4th time. so, let's recap, shall we? on january 3rd of 2008, i had prk. february 5th of 2009 i had a prk touch-up on my right eye. so here's what's happened as a result. and here is what has to happen the first week of march (please take a moment to check out the sexy that is the 2nd photo).

whenever you hear about lasik (and the less known 'prk') you always hear, "99% of patients never have a problem again." i am in the 1% that does. it's still the best thing i've ever purchased for myself, but this has turned into a longer ordeal than i bargained for, but that's okay.

ps - look how dilated my pupil was! if you've never had your eyes dilated, you should know that when you do, lights become MUCH brighter and your vision blurs a lot (close-up). it can be very disorienting and therefore very funny.


The Great Bolo said...

Remember when I tried to talk you out of getting into this.

NYCasey said...

I do. But 20/20 vision beats 20/2000 vision, even when scar tissue and lasers are involved. I still consider it to be the best decision/purchase I've ever made for myself.