Friday, February 12, 2010

casey + jif 4 eva

i like, nay, i love food. i love it so much i want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant (tracy jordan, 30 rock). one food in particular that i really love is peanut butter. specifically, JIF creamy peanut butter. yum-a-lum. i've tried lots of other kinds - natural, less fat, less sodium, etc. i've even tried almond butter since it's supposed to be better for you. nothing can top JIF creamy for me.

my roommates and i like to play the "question game" with other people. one question that we especially love to ask is, "if you were stranded on an island, what 3 food ingredients (read: you can't take a cheeseburger. you can take cheese, or hamburger, but not an entire cheeseburger) would you bring with you? maybe there's already fruit on the island, maybe not. maybe there are wild animals you can kill for their meat, maybe not. we don't know, so your answer depends on not knowing. for a while my answers were cheese, peanut butter, and pineapple or apple (can't decide). i also flip-flop with dark chocolate. i really want it, but there's not much nutritional value other than the antioxidants, and there's no guarantee that i have fresh water to wash it down with.

but then in december, right before christmas, i started to feel run down. i ignored all the warning signs until it was too late. one night i came home, had some dinner (which included my beloved jif) and went to bed. then i woke up in the middle of the night and the aches and pains i'd been feeling all week announced themselves full force in the form of the flu. i'll spare you the details, but peanut butter is an awful thing to taste on the way back up. so peanut butter and i, for the first time in our courtship, went our separate ways.

i've avoided going back into jif's loving, fatty arms until this week. i'm dogsitting (for a really nice apartment in the west village. i've been pretending for the past week that i am carrie bradshaw, minus the sexcapades and chatty brunches). i had to stock up on groceries, and when i noticed that i had in my basket a bunch of bananas, and a loaf of bread, i knew what i needed to do. so i bought a mini-jar.

long, boring story short, me and peanut butter are back on the mend! we are back on full swing, and i think i've learned something really valuable. when you find true love and it's meant to be, your taste buds will always find a way to overcome.

ps - i realize that this is the 2nd blog i've written about having to break up with food. i'm okay with that, so don't judge me.

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crunchy peter pan 4 life.