Monday, February 22, 2010

lost update #2

as of last night, i am on episode 21 of season 2. which means that from my last update to today's, i've watched 24 episodes. that comes out to about 4.8 episodes per day. these days, i only leave my apartment when forced. surprisingly, everyone i've spoken to about this crack fiend-like addiction supports me. a friend even told me that i should expect to give up any hope of having a social life or working out while i'm watching it - it's that addicting. i applaud and appreciate my friends for patting me on the back with this.

i wish i could spill all of my feelings (i have a lot) about certain characters and events, but i just can't risk spoiling ANYTHING for potential future viewers.

45 episodes down, 76 to go.

1 comment:

The Great Bolo said...

I believe you'll find that LOST will take sudden turn for the worse as you proceed.