Wednesday, March 31, 2010

go heels!

caroline, bill (her good friend who is visiting this week from nc), and i were lucky enough to catch the battle between unc and rhode island last night at madison square garden. coincidentally, uri's colors are also light blue & white, and their mascot is a ram.

oh, and their ram wears a jersey with the number 23 on it. copycat much? (jokes).

it was definitely a nail-biter, and although unc played a little sloppily, we came away with the win. it may not be the same championship game as last year, but i'll take it! final game is thursday night against dayton.

go heels!

*thanks to jeff for hooking us up with the tickets!

Monday, March 29, 2010

peanut butter & co.

saturday marked my first trip to heavon on earth: peanut butter & co.. i bought a few groceries friday night and was amazed to find some peanut butter & co. peanut butter at whole foods. they had 2 flavors available there: cinnamon raisin swirl and dark chocolate dreams. i went with the former, and i found love. yes, i cheated on jif creamy, but he knows and is okay with it. i'd tried to go to the store in greenwich village once, but it had just closed when i arrived, and for some god unknown reason, i never tried to go back... until saturday. after caroline realized there was an actual shop in the city, she demanded (and i happily agreed) that we had to go there the next day. so we, with momo in tow, journeyed there. i tried 'the heat is on' with spicy peanut butter, chicken, and pineapple jam; momo had jerry seinfeld's comedy special; and caroline tried the cinnamon raisin swirl with cinnamon-raisin peanut butter and vanilla cream cheese, stuffed with granny smith apple slices.

all 3 were delicious, as was our super rich chocolate-peanut butter brownie. this marks my third food-specific entry. guess who really loves to eat!?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

true story

one time* i ate so many cheetos that i threw up. to be fair, i think the reason i threw up was because the cheetos were stale. now, why i continued to eat stale cheetos is an entirely different issue.

*a few months ago

Monday, March 22, 2010

a few weeks old

but this is too cool not to post

imax 3d

another reason why this weekend was so great? amy and i went to see alice in wonderland in imax 3d. i liked the story (didn't love it)*, but the 3d was better this time around than it was for avatar. 3d is très cray!

*i did love helena bonham carter, the animation, set design, costumes, makeup, etc. i just wasn't in love with the plot.

**thank you caroline for getting us discount tickets!

do you want to know what my favorite joke is?

it's G-rated so brace yourself:

what did the baby volcano say to the momma volcano?

i lava you.


spring awakening

this weekend marked the beginning of spring, and the weather agreed. i wore shorts and a sleeveless shirt saturday, got 16 handles with caroline, matt, and momo, went to washington square park and officially brought raleigh out from hibernation. saturday was such a perfect day outside! after we got our frozen yogurt (irish mint + chocolate for me) and went to washington square park, caroline, matt, and i went to a cute little cuban restaurant we spotted and were lucky enough to get a table right near the patio. we shared some calamari, samba, and SANGRIA! i love sharing sangria outside in the spring/summer. it makes me so happy! then i went with kelly on an improv binge to the upright citizen's brigade to see 3 shows. it was so nice to hang out with everyone and get outside in the fresh air. plus, i'm convinced that the best way to explore/travel around nyc is on a bike, and i'm excited to have from now until fall to do it.

joe mangrum creating one of his sand art pieces. this guy is AMAZING!

look who else is excited for spring!

Friday, March 19, 2010

pandas, penelope, and puppy fever

preface: i really like pandas. i'm not sure why i like them so much, but i've even been known to look up youtube videos of baby pandas.

anyway, if you know me, you know my family has consistently had 5-7 small dogs throughout my entire life. to date, we've had: wolfie (r.i.p. matriarch), grizzley, bear, piggy (r.i.p.), foxy (sold), moose, cubby, squirrel, badger (so cute, but we sold him), and phlee. we also had bonnie (real name: matthew's bonnie blue), who was a gorgeous, sweet, and calm-tempered sheltie (r.i.p.).

my friends in high school had an ongoing joke that i had 14 dogs, and although they tried to learn them, melissa/momo was the only friend of mine who could tell each of my dogs apart from one another.

i love all of my dogs, but i have to admit: pomeranians and a yorkshire terrier do not make for a quiet house. but yappiness aside, i hold a special place in my heart for small dogs (as long as they aren't carried around in a purse and/or wear human clothes. that's where i cross the line.)

for the longest time i've wanted a medium/bigger dog (likely a border collie), and i've always thought that "washington" would be a great name for a large dog. but that's for later, when i have a yard.

for now i share penelope jane stanley. she's my roommate amy's maltipoo, and she's a little over 2 years old. she is honestly one of the sweetest, most trusting, mild-mannered dogs i've ever met. she loves to love you, and she will let you do anything to her. my favorite thing to do as of late is hold her in my arms and cover her head with my hand. i turn away from whomever is in the room with me so that they can't see i'm shielding her head, and then i proceed to run into the wall and bang my elbow, so that it sounds like i'm slamming P's head into the wall. this is something i'm 100% sure i picked up from my dad, and it is hilarious. that's a prime example. penelope has no problem with it. you can lift her high above your head and spin around, rock her in your arms for a while, or hold her out in your arms and lean her back like she's about to go upside-down. and she'll let you. she is awesome. and just to clarify, she's never afraid. she often comes back for more.

this is all going somewhere, i promise.

the other day, i was playing with penelope and an impulse rushed over me. i get this impulse often, especially with penelope, my niece, and nephew. it's the impulse to hug and squeeze them until they pop. i never would, but i want to. that's how much i love them. for some reason, i suddenly had an urge to buy penelope a brother or sister. i don't know where it came from, but the fever set in. so i started to do research on small dogs. my search tags would read as follows: small dog, not prissy, not yappy, fur, fur without shedding?, cute eyes, looks like panda, calm, cutest puppy ever in the history of the world, hybrid dogs, dog breeds, cute puppy. i'm sure there were more, but eventually i landed (with amy's help) on this fluffernutter which we named lucy elizabeth cline. she is a coton de tulear. upon further investigation, i realized that coton de tulears tend to have longish straight hair, which i'm not 100% in love with. that's when i discovered the coton de tulear and havanese hybrid. and on my first search, i found the lovechild of my two favorites. a cute puppy that looks like a panda. ohhhh myyyyy goooooood.

good lord. momma like. for now, though, i will be just fine with sharing little P. but i know when the day comes for penelope to have a little lucy elizabeth cline around, i'll be hopping on the havaton train.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy st. patrick's day

was anyone else just expecting some leprechauns? hardcore, google!

$1000 omelette

this article manages to amaze, intrigue, and anger me. a $1000 omelette, sundae, or pizza? nuts! if someone gave me $1000 and told me i could only use it on food i would NOT spend it on a dumdum omelette.*

*i was going to make a list of what i would spend it on, but then i got too overwhelmed. chocolate, ina garten, and the melting pot came to mind.

Monday, March 15, 2010


did anyone else used to eat astropops when they were little? i spent hours and hours at my brother's baseball games when i was little, and i remember the the little league park where he played sold them. i have a strong memory of sitting on some boxes or crates near the dumpster (gross!) with my friends and our astropops. the end.

hold 'em

lance came up for his spring break and brought his poker chips with him. i'm still learning and not yet comfortable without my poker definitions sheet near me (which, by the way, is 100% legal to have with you in a casino), but i can feel the affection growing. it doesn't hurt that i can always throw in a bluff or two.

speaking of lost...

look whose blog i found!

jorge garcia's

lost update #5: i did it!

saturday marked the end of my L O S T marathon sessions. i caught up to the most recently aired episode, "dr. linus," which just so happens to be the 110th episode. i started watching on february 5th. 110 episodes in 36 days = an average of 3.05555555556 episodes per day. obviously my eye surgery helped (remember, i knocked out 34 episodes in 3 days), but i can't decide if i'm proud or disgusted. thankfully, any friend of mine who also happens to be a L O S T fan has been extremely proud, so i don't feel guilty about the overindulgence.

i'm finding it difficult to return to normalcy. i know there were reports of "avatar blues", but what about for L O S T*?

*i kid, i kid.

Friday, March 12, 2010

a round of applause please

for girl scout cookies! my boss joe's daughter, drew, is a girl scout, and joe always helps her get the most orders. this isn't even all of them, and they're just sitting in our office waiting to be attacked. samoas are my #1, followed closely by thin mints!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

lost update #4

hey! remember when i posted last friday that i had 48 more episodes to go? well as of today i have 14 episodes left before i'm caught up (including the one that will air tonight). and just to clarify, i've only watched 2 episodes between sunday and today. you do the math.

i guess ptk surgery ain't so bad after all (minus the lasers and stinging, watery, light-sensitive eyeballs).

(total count: 96 down, 25 to go)

Monday, March 08, 2010

handsome men's club

this is hilarious, and it doesn't hurt that john k, love of my life, fills the cute quota.

Friday, March 05, 2010

lost update #3

that's me and my comrade, penelope. we've been camped out in the living room since yesterday around lunchtime. i had my ptk surgery yesterday and have been biding my time with lots of emergencee, eye drops, medicine and LOST. i just finished the season finale of the 3rd season and OH EM GEE. twisty twisty.

73 down, on to the next 48 i go.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

is anyone else as excited for this as i am?

i'm running away to join the circus

so amy and i went to the new york circus arts academy last night to take an adult's intro to circus arts class. it was 2 hours and we were introduced to static trapeze, trampoline, aerial silks, and juggling.

i think i'll run away and join the circus now. stacey recently suggested that we could join it together; she would train the elephants and i would be a ribbon dancer. i hope my family approves.

(photos: amy and i on the silks. please excuse the unflattering angle at which i was photographed, and also my flailing. i had just come down for my inversion. whaaat? inversion? not only is that a word, but it's a circus term. impressed?

videos: me on the trampoline practicing my "hollow body" form, and amy practicing hers on the trapeze. flawless. we are naturals.)