Wednesday, March 03, 2010

i'm running away to join the circus

so amy and i went to the new york circus arts academy last night to take an adult's intro to circus arts class. it was 2 hours and we were introduced to static trapeze, trampoline, aerial silks, and juggling.

i think i'll run away and join the circus now. stacey recently suggested that we could join it together; she would train the elephants and i would be a ribbon dancer. i hope my family approves.

(photos: amy and i on the silks. please excuse the unflattering angle at which i was photographed, and also my flailing. i had just come down for my inversion. whaaat? inversion? not only is that a word, but it's a circus term. impressed?

videos: me on the trampoline practicing my "hollow body" form, and amy practicing hers on the trapeze. flawless. we are naturals.)

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