Monday, March 15, 2010

lost update #5: i did it!

saturday marked the end of my L O S T marathon sessions. i caught up to the most recently aired episode, "dr. linus," which just so happens to be the 110th episode. i started watching on february 5th. 110 episodes in 36 days = an average of 3.05555555556 episodes per day. obviously my eye surgery helped (remember, i knocked out 34 episodes in 3 days), but i can't decide if i'm proud or disgusted. thankfully, any friend of mine who also happens to be a L O S T fan has been extremely proud, so i don't feel guilty about the overindulgence.

i'm finding it difficult to return to normalcy. i know there were reports of "avatar blues", but what about for L O S T*?

*i kid, i kid.

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