Friday, March 19, 2010

pandas, penelope, and puppy fever

preface: i really like pandas. i'm not sure why i like them so much, but i've even been known to look up youtube videos of baby pandas.

anyway, if you know me, you know my family has consistently had 5-7 small dogs throughout my entire life. to date, we've had: wolfie (r.i.p. matriarch), grizzley, bear, piggy (r.i.p.), foxy (sold), moose, cubby, squirrel, badger (so cute, but we sold him), and phlee. we also had bonnie (real name: matthew's bonnie blue), who was a gorgeous, sweet, and calm-tempered sheltie (r.i.p.).

my friends in high school had an ongoing joke that i had 14 dogs, and although they tried to learn them, melissa/momo was the only friend of mine who could tell each of my dogs apart from one another.

i love all of my dogs, but i have to admit: pomeranians and a yorkshire terrier do not make for a quiet house. but yappiness aside, i hold a special place in my heart for small dogs (as long as they aren't carried around in a purse and/or wear human clothes. that's where i cross the line.)

for the longest time i've wanted a medium/bigger dog (likely a border collie), and i've always thought that "washington" would be a great name for a large dog. but that's for later, when i have a yard.

for now i share penelope jane stanley. she's my roommate amy's maltipoo, and she's a little over 2 years old. she is honestly one of the sweetest, most trusting, mild-mannered dogs i've ever met. she loves to love you, and she will let you do anything to her. my favorite thing to do as of late is hold her in my arms and cover her head with my hand. i turn away from whomever is in the room with me so that they can't see i'm shielding her head, and then i proceed to run into the wall and bang my elbow, so that it sounds like i'm slamming P's head into the wall. this is something i'm 100% sure i picked up from my dad, and it is hilarious. that's a prime example. penelope has no problem with it. you can lift her high above your head and spin around, rock her in your arms for a while, or hold her out in your arms and lean her back like she's about to go upside-down. and she'll let you. she is awesome. and just to clarify, she's never afraid. she often comes back for more.

this is all going somewhere, i promise.

the other day, i was playing with penelope and an impulse rushed over me. i get this impulse often, especially with penelope, my niece, and nephew. it's the impulse to hug and squeeze them until they pop. i never would, but i want to. that's how much i love them. for some reason, i suddenly had an urge to buy penelope a brother or sister. i don't know where it came from, but the fever set in. so i started to do research on small dogs. my search tags would read as follows: small dog, not prissy, not yappy, fur, fur without shedding?, cute eyes, looks like panda, calm, cutest puppy ever in the history of the world, hybrid dogs, dog breeds, cute puppy. i'm sure there were more, but eventually i landed (with amy's help) on this fluffernutter which we named lucy elizabeth cline. she is a coton de tulear. upon further investigation, i realized that coton de tulears tend to have longish straight hair, which i'm not 100% in love with. that's when i discovered the coton de tulear and havanese hybrid. and on my first search, i found the lovechild of my two favorites. a cute puppy that looks like a panda. ohhhh myyyyy goooooood.

good lord. momma like. for now, though, i will be just fine with sharing little P. but i know when the day comes for penelope to have a little lucy elizabeth cline around, i'll be hopping on the havaton train.