Monday, March 29, 2010

peanut butter & co.

saturday marked my first trip to heavon on earth: peanut butter & co.. i bought a few groceries friday night and was amazed to find some peanut butter & co. peanut butter at whole foods. they had 2 flavors available there: cinnamon raisin swirl and dark chocolate dreams. i went with the former, and i found love. yes, i cheated on jif creamy, but he knows and is okay with it. i'd tried to go to the store in greenwich village once, but it had just closed when i arrived, and for some god unknown reason, i never tried to go back... until saturday. after caroline realized there was an actual shop in the city, she demanded (and i happily agreed) that we had to go there the next day. so we, with momo in tow, journeyed there. i tried 'the heat is on' with spicy peanut butter, chicken, and pineapple jam; momo had jerry seinfeld's comedy special; and caroline tried the cinnamon raisin swirl with cinnamon-raisin peanut butter and vanilla cream cheese, stuffed with granny smith apple slices.

all 3 were delicious, as was our super rich chocolate-peanut butter brownie. this marks my third food-specific entry. guess who really loves to eat!?


Caroline said...

this is only your third food-specific entry? i'm surprised (and slightly disappointed) there haven't been more haha

NYCasey said...

i know, i'm honestly surprised, too... there might be a few hidden ones i haven't thought of. i forgot about the cheetos post, so there's at least 4.