Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the fever is back

guys, i don't know what to do. my puppy fever is back in full-swing. my brain took, i'd say, a 2 week vacation from puppy fever, and it's much worse this time around. for the longest time, i've had my little heart set on a havaton, but i found a fierce competitor today in the form of a biton (bichon frise + coton de tulear). they're also a little harder to find than other hybrids, but i did happen to stumble upon this fluffball. why she is the only puppy left from that litter beats me; she's hands-down the cutest. i especially love that she's a little wall-eyed. for some reason i really love it when dogs are. one my dogs at home, bear (hey bear!), has eyes like that.

anyway, as soon as i saw that photo, i emailed the breeder asking about availability. turns out chantel (ummmm LUCY; chantel is a terrible puppy name) is, as i said, the only pup left in that litter. the breeder said that she has the best fur of the lot, and she's her personal favorite. maybe she was just saying that, but i believe her. my heart jumped out of my chest until i read further down in my email and discovered that my little fluffy baby would cost me a pretty penny. $1450 to be exact. plus shipping to new york.


my search/dreaming/fever continues...


The Great Bolo said...

You don't need to get a dog. You can share Penelope.

NYCasey said...

i know, but penelope keeps begging me for a little sister.