Wednesday, May 26, 2010

jorge garcia

seriously, i love this guy as much as i can love someone based on their character and personal blog. he seems like such a genuinely nice person, and i've really enjoyed reading his blog dispatches from the island. i've wondered lately how the cast must feel to have this hawaii-living/pop culture phenomenon experience come to an end, and it's nice to be able to have a glimpse inside. it's very fitting that the widely accepted fan-favorite is so accessible to the fans. thanks jorge/hurley/hugo.

best. weekend. ever.

turkey + nugget. momma + daddy. matthew + priscilla. best friends from high school. great friends from clemson. amazing reunion. sunshine. a long awaited wedding. maybe a few thunderstorms. north carolina. diet cheerwine. white queso dip. road trip to south carolina. driving. dancing. sleeping. swimming. laughing. baseball. beer pong. face painting.

the list goes on, and i cannot wait.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy birthday, stacey marie hensley!

god bless this lady. we met as potluck roommates our first year of college, and for better or worse, have been by each other's sides ever since. we are such an old married couple: we get on each other's nerves, we love the hell out of each other, and we're not afraid to not shower for days and burp in front of each other. i love love love her.

Monday, May 24, 2010


among other things, lost is very much a plot vs. character driven series, and i imagine since most viewers fall somewhere in between, sides are still being taken and opinions are still being formed. the finale could not and will not ever satisfy all of its viewers, but i will say that i was very content.

i found it to be moving (the sawyer + juliette scene? i choked back a sob, and tears were spilled), dramatic (the jack vs. MiB scene was pretty epic), and just cohesive enough for me to not care that some mysteries went unsolved.

see you in another life, brother.

(thanks to delia + greg for hosting our viewing party, and for their very inspired cake.)

ps - just read a great review here. i beg you, all 5 of you, to please wait to click on that, or any other lost-related links, until you've watched the series. i'm mainly talking to you, mike cline. it's a great series, and i think this line sums it up to a t: "when "lost" was really and truly great, it locked you so deep into the emotions of the moment that the larger questions didn't really matter."

Friday, May 21, 2010

will forte

caroline and i happened upon a saturday night live after-after party back in october (ryan reynolds episode) and talked our way into it. we ended up hanging out with will forte for a while and were genuinely pleased to find out he's just as nice as you would expect him to be. he came in wearing a t-shirt with the outline of north carolina with a star on wilmington. caroline lived in wilmington for a year before moving to new york, and we're both very pro-north carolina (especially when we find north carolinians/north carolina related things up here) so that's really all we saw when we went to talk to the person wearing it. it wasn't until 5 minutes into the conversation that i realized who it was, and caroline didn't know until i told her. turns out will forte loves north carolina, too, and we love will forte.

thanks to lance for sending this article to me.

my heart explodes

when i see and hang out with my niece and nephew. i'm heading back to north carolina next wednesday night and i cannot wait to hang out with those little chumbas. oh, and my nicknames for them are turkey (owen) + nugget (sophia), just so we're all on the same page when i talk about them in future posts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy birthday tina!

i've wanted to live in new york city ever since middle school, maybe even elementary school. for a while i thought i wanted to be an actress. then i realized i'm not a good actress. i've always been a better writer than i am a speaker (i mumble and fumble my words like crazy), and in general find it easier to write what i'm feeling/thinking/seeing/hearing than to say it. i took a creative writing class in high school that i loved, but it wasn't until i found myself in a screenwriting course in college that it dawned on me: i want to write, and more specifically, i want to write comedy.

on another note, i've been watching saturday night live since i was little. i would sleep on the couch in our downstairs living room on saturday nights and force myself to stay awake just to watch. that's when i learned of tina fey, and my adoration began. it's only grown with her continued success, and she is, in part, why my childhood dream of living in new york never burned out. once i realized what i wanted to do, and realized that it's not unattainable, i figured that i had to get to new york, and fast.

so now that i'm here, and i can actually say that i'm taking classes at the upright citizens brigade and having class performances on the same stage that tina performs on, i owe her a big thank you. i have a long way to go before i get to where i want to be, but i'm making moves and dreaming big.

so thanks, tina fey, and happy birthday. if you ever somehow stumble across this tiny little blog, i hope that you won't think i'm a creep-o.

treehouse wedding

for the longest time, i've know that if and when i get married one day farrrr away, i want to do it in a vineyard. until today, when i discovered that i could get married in a treehouse. a TREEHOUSE.

is 'swiss family robinson' an acceptable wedding theme?

Monday, May 17, 2010

bring it j.j.

jj abrams piloted the rollercoaster of emotions-love affair-time vacuum that is L O S T, and y'all know how i feel about that. so you better believey that i will be watching undercovers. suffice it to say i already have a couple crush on steven and samantha bloom. hubba hubba.

chelsea chelsea bang bang!

amy and i went to see chelsea handler at radio city music hall on saturday night. that woman is candid, filthy, and hilarious. i LOVE her 3 books - they each made me laugh out loud throughout. i'm glad to say that seeing her live does not disappoint. if you get the chance, definitely go to one of her shows.

Friday, May 14, 2010

wassup wassup, wassup wassup wassup

- i'm going to a chiropractor today for the first time ever. what a moment this will surely be.

- i 'passed' my improv classes and am now eligible to move up to level 301.

- my best friend is getting married in 2 weeks and i'm really excited.

- it's almost the weekend.

Monday, May 10, 2010

2 years ago today...

... i graduated from unc chapel hill. may 10th was the date of my communications department graduation, and then the entire class of 2008 graduated on the 11th.

i love this photo. i imagine my brother is saying something either profound, funny, or a combination of the two, and sweet little owen is just listening in.

this was one of my favorite weekends of all time with my family. my brother graduated from nurse anesthetist school on the 8th, so the entire weekend was spent celebrating our accomplishments and priscilla's pregnancy (she was 5 months along with sophia at the time) with our family.

good times, clines.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

swagger wagon

i'm loving toyota's swagger wagon family - they almost make me want to buy a van. but then i remember that i live here and therefore shouldn't own a car, and oh yeah! i've already had a van.

yes, i was the proud driver of a white dodge caravan. her name was bonita, and she was all mine.

but first, let me digress.

my first car was a black 1996 manual chevrolet cavalier. her name was chaquita, and she kind of looked like this. i will forever be grateful that my first car was a stick shift. first of all, everyone should learn how to drive a stick shift. you never know - you could always find yourself in an emergency situation when you need to know how to drive one. also, you could find yourself in a cute-boy situation and need to impress him. for example:

cute boy: "hey, there's a car, but it's manual. i don't know how to drive those."
me: "i do."
cute boy: "really?"
me: "yes."
cute boy: "wanna be my girlfriend?"
me: "okay."

see what i mean?

anyway, chaquita was a good first car. she wasn't a glamorous car, but she was cute. and boy did she have charm. let me count the ways. although they don't all coincide, at one point or another, the following adorned my car: three powerpuff girls dolls (i was bubbles, lindsay was blossom, and momo was buttercup, if my memory serves me), a chihuahua bobble head dog (why!?), leis, my graduation tassel (obviously), a weezer sticker (100% acceptable), a dashboard confessional sticker (i'll take it. i really did love them back then.), and god knows what else. did i even know what the word 'overkill' meant? apparently not. anyway, chaquita. good car. had my first wreck (other driver's fault), logged many miles, and received my first warning ticket.

but like all first cars, chaquita had her faults. for one, she had manual locks and windows, which really isn't that big of a deal. she also didn't have a cd player, but i plugged in my discman and dealt. the one thing i couldn't forgive her for, however, was the fact that her air conditioner did not work. we tried to get it fixed, but alas, no dice. keep in mind that we're talking about north carolina + a black car. there were lots of unbearable moments. i hate getting hot and sweaty. i get really frustrated and unreasonably annoyed. chaquita probably could have pressed domestic abuse charges against me for all of the verbal and physical abuse i caused her.

eventually our relationship lost its steam and i began yearning for another car. the summer before my junior year of college, i started considering if i had other options. i dropped hints to my parents and had logical discussions with my brother and sister-in-law, priscilla. priscilla used to own a navy blue jetta, which to this day is still my favorite little nondescript but nice car, and if i lived anywhere else, i would probably buy one. hindsight 20/20, but i don't know why none of us ever thought buying priscilla's jetta would be a good idea for me. the timing was a little off, but i should have jumped on that when i had the chance. anyway, my parents were adament about my not needing/being able to afford a new (used) car that summer, so it became a known fact amongst my family that we disagreed.

then one day i found out that i would be getting a new car after all. a family friend was selling their 2000 white dodge caravan for very little, so my parents hopped on it. now, i appreciate the fact that in doing so, they acknowledged my observation that at any given moment, chaquita and i could break down on the side of a north carolina road and rot to death in the sun, but a white soccer mom van was not what i was anticipating.

my parents' argument was that bonita was a car in working condition, with a working air conditioning system (damnit, good point), automatic locks and windows (although one would get stuck if you rolled it down), and it was an offer that "fell into their lap." my first feeling for bonita was one of disdain, but i wasn't left with much of a choice since my dad shortly thereafter adopted chaquita, renamed her blackie, and never let me drive her again.

my hatred for her eventually waned, and i grew to appreciate her air conditioner despite the fact that the cool air was accompanied by a loud, growling sound. a girl i was lifeguarding with that summer even bought me a soccer mom sticker that i came thisclose to applying to the rear bumper (but ultimately didn't at my dad's request - see, throughout this whole "my parents are ridiculous/my daughter is ungrateful" ordeal, i still love my pops). bonita turned into a joke, and furthermore, she fueled some good self-deprecating humor, and at some point i embraced her.

it just so happens that this was the same summer that i went to visit one of my best friends, kathryn, in clemson. now, i don't want to give bonita credit where credit ain't due (after all, i happened to be driving my dad's/my future adopted camaro), but i ended up meeting a boy that weekend. sooo, i don't know, maybe the 'swagger waggon' isn't too far off an idea.

ps - chaquita is still kickin to this day - well beyond 200,000 miles and even after a tree fell on her.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the most gut-wrenching week in tv?

at least for me it was. sunday night's episode of breaking bad - specifically the last 15 mintues - was too suspenseful for me to put into words. but i'll try. a particular character whom i happen to love (along with the majority of viewers) was involved in what i can best describe as a hair-ripping, knuckle-biting, heart-pounding, tear-building, moaning-in-anguish onscreen heart attack. it was terrifying to watch. absolutely gut wrenching, and i was teetering on bursting into tears.

then last night's episode of lost pulled such a fast one over on the viewers, it was difficult to process. as always, i'm refraining for the sake of anyone who hasn't watched, but OH MY GOD. i teared up and yelled WHAT THE F***!? and F*** YOU at the tv a lot (sorry, family, but it's true). there definitely aren't words to describe what happened.

the only way tv can get more emotional this week is if liz lemon dies, or jim + pam get a divorce tiger+elin/jesse+sandra style. knock. on. wood.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

will i be watching?

hell yes

acquitted of rape because of... skinny jeans?!

you have got to be kidding me. my friend, delia, sent me this article yesterday. i want to set aside for the moment the issue of whether or not the sex was consensual - who knows? the thing i'd like to point out here is that he was acquitted for at least the reason that his alleged victim was wearing skinny jeans. the jury even went so far as to submit a note doubting that "those kind of jeans can be removed without any sort of collaboration." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! unless this article is misleading in that it neglected to mention that this woman's skinny jeans are in fact made of steel and come with a locking fly, i'm not sure what to say here. i happen to own several pairs of skinny jeans. the pair that i happen to wear frequently i bought from forever 21 for $10. cheaply made? maybe. tight as all hell? yes. but also stretchy? yes! a lot of skinny jeans are made with 'stretch' so that the wearer doesn't die from lower body blood restriction! they are the tightest pants i've ever owned, yet they could easily be ripped off by an aggressive rapist. i seriously pray that wasn't the jury's only reason for acquitting this guy. isn't this the same antiquated thinking as, "well she was asking for it with that short skirt she was wearing?"