Tuesday, May 04, 2010

acquitted of rape because of... skinny jeans?!

you have got to be kidding me. my friend, delia, sent me this article yesterday. i want to set aside for the moment the issue of whether or not the sex was consensual - who knows? the thing i'd like to point out here is that he was acquitted for at least the reason that his alleged victim was wearing skinny jeans. the jury even went so far as to submit a note doubting that "those kind of jeans can be removed without any sort of collaboration." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! unless this article is misleading in that it neglected to mention that this woman's skinny jeans are in fact made of steel and come with a locking fly, i'm not sure what to say here. i happen to own several pairs of skinny jeans. the pair that i happen to wear frequently i bought from forever 21 for $10. cheaply made? maybe. tight as all hell? yes. but also stretchy? yes! a lot of skinny jeans are made with 'stretch' so that the wearer doesn't die from lower body blood restriction! they are the tightest pants i've ever owned, yet they could easily be ripped off by an aggressive rapist. i seriously pray that wasn't the jury's only reason for acquitting this guy. isn't this the same antiquated thinking as, "well she was asking for it with that short skirt she was wearing?"

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