Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy birthday tina!

i've wanted to live in new york city ever since middle school, maybe even elementary school. for a while i thought i wanted to be an actress. then i realized i'm not a good actress. i've always been a better writer than i am a speaker (i mumble and fumble my words like crazy), and in general find it easier to write what i'm feeling/thinking/seeing/hearing than to say it. i took a creative writing class in high school that i loved, but it wasn't until i found myself in a screenwriting course in college that it dawned on me: i want to write, and more specifically, i want to write comedy.

on another note, i've been watching saturday night live since i was little. i would sleep on the couch in our downstairs living room on saturday nights and force myself to stay awake just to watch. that's when i learned of tina fey, and my adoration began. it's only grown with her continued success, and she is, in part, why my childhood dream of living in new york never burned out. once i realized what i wanted to do, and realized that it's not unattainable, i figured that i had to get to new york, and fast.

so now that i'm here, and i can actually say that i'm taking classes at the upright citizens brigade and having class performances on the same stage that tina performs on, i owe her a big thank you. i have a long way to go before i get to where i want to be, but i'm making moves and dreaming big.

so thanks, tina fey, and happy birthday. if you ever somehow stumble across this tiny little blog, i hope that you won't think i'm a creep-o.

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