Monday, May 24, 2010


among other things, lost is very much a plot vs. character driven series, and i imagine since most viewers fall somewhere in between, sides are still being taken and opinions are still being formed. the finale could not and will not ever satisfy all of its viewers, but i will say that i was very content.

i found it to be moving (the sawyer + juliette scene? i choked back a sob, and tears were spilled), dramatic (the jack vs. MiB scene was pretty epic), and just cohesive enough for me to not care that some mysteries went unsolved.

see you in another life, brother.

(thanks to delia + greg for hosting our viewing party, and for their very inspired cake.)

ps - just read a great review here. i beg you, all 5 of you, to please wait to click on that, or any other lost-related links, until you've watched the series. i'm mainly talking to you, mike cline. it's a great series, and i think this line sums it up to a t: "when "lost" was really and truly great, it locked you so deep into the emotions of the moment that the larger questions didn't really matter."

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