Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the most gut-wrenching week in tv?

at least for me it was. sunday night's episode of breaking bad - specifically the last 15 mintues - was too suspenseful for me to put into words. but i'll try. a particular character whom i happen to love (along with the majority of viewers) was involved in what i can best describe as a hair-ripping, knuckle-biting, heart-pounding, tear-building, moaning-in-anguish onscreen heart attack. it was terrifying to watch. absolutely gut wrenching, and i was teetering on bursting into tears.

then last night's episode of lost pulled such a fast one over on the viewers, it was difficult to process. as always, i'm refraining for the sake of anyone who hasn't watched, but OH MY GOD. i teared up and yelled WHAT THE F***!? and F*** YOU at the tv a lot (sorry, family, but it's true). there definitely aren't words to describe what happened.

the only way tv can get more emotional this week is if liz lemon dies, or jim + pam get a divorce tiger+elin/jesse+sandra style. knock. on. wood.

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