Friday, May 21, 2010

will forte

caroline and i happened upon a saturday night live after-after party back in october (ryan reynolds episode) and talked our way into it. we ended up hanging out with will forte for a while and were genuinely pleased to find out he's just as nice as you would expect him to be. he came in wearing a t-shirt with the outline of north carolina with a star on wilmington. caroline lived in wilmington for a year before moving to new york, and we're both very pro-north carolina (especially when we find north carolinians/north carolina related things up here) so that's really all we saw when we went to talk to the person wearing it. it wasn't until 5 minutes into the conversation that i realized who it was, and caroline didn't know until i told her. turns out will forte loves north carolina, too, and we love will forte.

thanks to lance for sending this article to me.

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