Friday, June 11, 2010

the killers - this is your life

man, i am on a crazy blogging music kick. unfortunately, i can't figure out how to embed the videos at their full sizes, so obviously the edges on everything i've posted thus far are cut off. anyway, i am really excited for this weekend. i'm going to get a lot of stuff i need to get done out of the way, and i've also just had a resurgence of energy. i'm really thrilled and motivated to start writing again. last night i started thinking about how much i love sitting in my pajamas, drinking coffee, and listening to itunes while i write. i'm clearly not the first person to figure out that starting is the hardest part, but once i get in the groove, writing is so fun and therapeutic. not in the way that it helps me work out my issues, but it's like yoga for my brain. anyway, this song is going on my writing playlist fa sho!

ps - i am fully aware that this post is a huge bowl of cliche, and trust me, it makes me want to vomit just as much as you. except my vomit would be like really nervous but happy and excited vomit, with just a touch of "oh really, wow, you're so poignant, casey. really original epiphany you've had there."

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