Monday, June 07, 2010

i love new york

sometimes i forget that i live in new york city. i'm easily reminded on beautiful spring days when i open my eyes and look around at all of the people who are out and about, when i see the trees are blooming, when i feel the breeze is perfect, and new york just feels so damn quaint.

it's really easy to admire and fall in love with new york on days like that. days when you really want to take it all in, and when you try to, you actually look up and see how tall the buildings are and it's such a nice wake up call that, yeah, you moved up here for a reason and every bit of it has absolutely been worth it.

and then there are also days when you're walking home and you pass a mcdonald's and realize that you're not crazy - that mcdonald's definitely has a walk-thru.

people will inevitably offer different reasons for why they love new york, but let's be honest people: we love new york because it's crazy and it gets away with whatever it wants.

do you know how many times i've wanted to walk through a mcdonald's drive-thru at home? honestly, under 10 times, but that doesn't take away from the fact that i've never been able to... until now!

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