Friday, July 30, 2010


20 secrets your waiter won't tell you

i especially agree with: #s 5, 10, 11, 13, 18, 20.

and on a related note, it's 2010, people. at least 20%. always. unless someone is just an outright dirty douche to you, please find it in your heart not to stiff them. it's how they're making a living.

okay. sermon is over.

and now, to prove that i don't only listen to depressing music...

i've been listening to these two a lot lately (oh, and just ignore the videos. 1. this dingbat still can't figure out embedding and 2. they're unofficial videos anyway)

ratatat "seventeen years"

and q-tip's "vivrant thing," which is definitely in my top 10 favorite songs. maybe 5, but i'd have to think about it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010


yesterday caroline and i went on an apartment excursion to home depot where we spent way too much time and money. then we headed to our new apartment to evaluate and paint, but first we made a quick trip to shake shack for sustenance. seriously, shake shack is delicious. burgers are a dime a dozen, but when you find a great burger, you know it. i imagine that's what it's like finding your wedding dress - when you know, you know. and boy do i know. and since i guess i'm going with this wedding dress - burger comparison, i'd like to say that i'm not opposed to an open marriage with shake shack. because in this crazy foodie land that is new york, i want to see other burgers. okay, moving on.

we came back to the new apartment and got started on painting my room. i'm really excited about all of the colors we've picked out. the color above is the same from my current room. i'm so in love with this color (and have been since kindergarten when cerulean was my favorite crayon), i couldn't bear to leave it behind. our new apartment has tons of natural sunlight, so i'm thinking that the constant light will make the color pop even more than it does now. we're big fans of bright, bold colors, and rather than bore you with intangible paint color names, i'll wait until we have a finished apartment and thrill you with lots of photos.

ps - the wow factor in the picture above is really heightened with the mass amounts of silly bandz, wouldn't you agree?

Friday, July 23, 2010

speaking of chris martin...

coldplay came on my ipod this morning, and it set the tone for a somber ride to work. before you call me up and tell me not to jump, it's okay, i'm in a really good, albeit, thoughtful mood.

anyway, i love coldplay. sometimes i forget how much i love them because i'll go through spurts of listening to them relentlessly, and then step back and remember that coldplay isn't my only musical soulmate, and maybe i should branch out again.

that being said, i may have kick-started one of said spurts with "warning sign" (which is another song that makes me want to bawl my eyes out) and "the scientist" (which is one of my all time favorite songs).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

postpartum depression

i subscribe to gwyneth paltrow's weekly online newsletter, goop, and i have to admit, i'm a genuine fan. i really like mrs. chris martin and her musings. she's obviously a well connected woman, and she uses those connections to provide her readers with varying opinions, thoughts and studies on a wide range of issues.

today her newsletter touched on the topic of postpartum depression, and i found it to be really moving. i've obviously never experienced motherhood, nor have i even experienced postpartum depression in a second hand nature (to my knowledge, at least). that being said, this does allow a certain bird's eye view into depression in general, and i appreciate that.

furthermore, i respect the honesty, support and information that today's newsletter provides. and admittedly, i was very touched by how open bryce dallas howard was about her experiences.

i have to warn you, this isn't a very happy read, but i imagine it's very comforting for anyone who has dealt with postpartum depression, personally or from a distance.

shitstorm/shitpocalypse 2010

this is an email i sent to amy and caroline this morning. i thought at first that i shouldn't post this due to the nature of the content, but since then i've clearly changed my mind. be warned: you'll find very little censorship here (including but not limited to the photo further below).


*Please be advised that a very gnarly picture is attached to this email.*

Come gather round, children. Let me regale you with a sweet, sweet story.

Setting: our apartment
Time: approximately 8:25 AM (EST)

I make the last minute touches on my getting ready routine - straighten a piece of hair here, spritz some perfume there - when something makes me think of our darling pets. Maybe Desmond barked or Penelope growled. Maybe it was just a feeling I had; I'm not sure because what happened next forced any previous thought from my head.

I walk into the living room to find Penelope, Desmond, and Charlie gathered around the same pile of slimy brown... something. Poop? Vomit? A delicious combo of the two? Furthermore, Desmond is eating/licking the yum pile. I snatch him up and land him what might be his hardest blow to date. He yelps and I genuinely feel bad about the child abuse... until I notice the remnants of runny poo around his mouth, and on his paws and fur. I JUST gave this tot a bath two nights ago and that's now out the window.

First thing's first: I take Desmond to the bathtub before I remember - shit! our tub/shower handle is broken and I can't switch from shower to bath. I improvise and clear out the kitchen sink and toss baby-angel in. The approximate time is now 8:30, when I should be waiting for, if not on, the M14D bus to work.

He is not happy about this, but neither am I, so we forge ahead, clearly unhappy with one another. I doggy-shampoo him, rinse, and towel dry before I toss him into the dog pen set up in Amy's room. Now there's nothing left for me to do but tackle the poop bomb that went off. I have no idea when the pooping went down, or who the culprits were (although I have my suspicions). It was quick, though, because I walked into the bathroom for a hot second, and there hadn't been anything wrong on my way in. On the side closest to the door of our coffee table, I find a couple solid pieces which are too big for baby D's body, thus leading me to believe the gift giver is Penelope. But the odd thing is that there are pieces of loose stool (gross) near the solids, and I wonder if Penelope is the sole owner. Then, on the other side of the coffee table are two more drops of loose poo, and finally, sitting in front of our chair is a huge pile of what looks like diarrhea, vomit, and regular poo. It's disgusting, and I want to hurl. I have no idea what to do so I start picking up the smaller pieces near the coffee table. To my ultimate disgusted despair, I find that the loose poo is too loose to avoid merging with the carpet. By this point I am way beyond WHAT THE MOTHER F!? mode and rushing around like a crazy woman. I finally go in for the kill and try to clean up the shturverd (shit + turd + vomit), but it's hopeless. There's no way there isn't going to be a stain, and I should have been on a bus to work yesterday at this point.

This leads me to the last resort. Please keep in mind that by this time I have little sweat splotches forming on my shirt from my manual labor. Nothing frustrates me more than stifling heat, and this is really starting to become overkill (because by this time, I'd turned off all the air conditioners in the apartment to try to do my green deed of the day). I frantically toss pet toys and shoes out of my way, and push the furniture away to start rolling the carpet up. Then I fold the roll in half and drag it like a dead body into the trash chute room. Then I do my best to make the living room seem presentable, pick up Penelope, check her butt (definitely a little piece of poop stuck there), and put her in the pen with Desmond (who by this time has curled up, wet and pitiful, on his dog bed, and is trying to figure out why random dog toys are flying into the pen, bouncing off of his body while he tries to nap), shoo away Charlie, do a once-over to make sure I didn't leave the straightener on to burn the place down, call Alana to advise her I will be late (at 8:38AM, mind you. I was moving lightning fast during those 13 minutes), and walk out the door, feeling like I've just left from working a hard day at the sweatshop.

In case you're wondering, after some thinking and analyzing, I've come to the conclusion that Penelope pooped the regular pieces (she didn't poop this morning when I took her outside), Charlie pooped the shturverd (it matched in color and smell to another recent incident we had), and Desmond enjoyed the special treats like day-after pizza. Which reminds me, as I set him down in the dog pen, he looked back up at me with a "Why Mommy?" look in his eyes, and burped the foulest shit-smelling burp I may have ever smelled. Thank you, my child, thank you. And good morning to you, too.

rubberstamp face

lilimandrill is selling these on her etsy site, and i'm tempted to buy one just so i can go around stamping my face all over things, like penelope's white fur and caroline's face while she sleeps.


pretty, aren't they?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

skinny runner

stefanie and lindsay (stefanie and amy's good friend from texas who also happens to be cohabiting with us this week) were talking last night about a blog they follow, skinny runner.

i took one brief look at hottie's blog, and i'm hooked. she's witty, she's sarcastic, and she writes like she talks. me likey.

stefanie and lindsay were actually talking about going on a run in central park while they're here, and since i've been telling myself to start running again (what, casey?! you stopped running after a little burst of running adoration? yes. are you surprised? no? that's what i thought.) i figure that might be a perfect place to start.

did i mention that our new apartment isn't too far away from the bottom of central park? did i even mention that we're moving? well we are. but i digress.

anyway, check out skinny runner. i can really appreciate self-proclaimed lazies who try hard at running, but aren't the greatest at it. regardless of how many love affairs i have with the sport, i will always hate that smarmy bitch while my feet are actually pounding the pavement. i only like running afterwards when all those endorphins kick in and knock me off my rational rocker.

stefanie kate alexander dumphrey philworth patterson

if you want another blog to look at (and you know you do), chizeck out my good friend stefanie's blog. she may think her life isn't very exciting, but her posts are making me laugh so hard. what a hoot! oh, and guess what? that troll is visiting us for the next week. hallelujah!

looking for sammy.

i know i don't have any sort of huge following on this blog, and certainly not such that random people in my neighborhood would have stumbled across it. regardless, i'm going to post this because i've seen these lost dog signs EVERYWHERE for weeks, and it's breaking my heart on many levels.

i hope little sammy is found and brought home to his mommy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the hood internet

the hood internet: hip hop and indie song mashups. heaven.

thank you, caroline.

my favorites (right now) are passion pit vs. juvenile "back that sleepyhead up" and matt & kim vs. beastie boys "good ol' fashion rump shaker"

cadillac ranch

i want to go to there. someone get me to amarillo, tx stat.

*photos courtesy of barb @ knack studios

weeds: season 6 trailer

yessssssss. it's been too long since weeds was on. so long, in fact, that the last time i watched weeds was when i was still living in brooklyn a year ago. evie and i didn't have cable, so we netflixed it up like craycray.

aside from the fact that i'm a little uncomfortable with shane's puberty and nancy botwin as a new mother (and a mother in general), season 6 looks like it's going to be supes good. also, i'd like to let it be known that i loooooove uncle andy, and would like to adopt him as my uncle. i've never had one, and i think he definitely fits the bill.

(ps - i still can't figureout how to embed videos at their correct size. oh well.)

Monday, July 19, 2010


i just came across this and it made me very happy. oh marilyn, it's like i never woke up in a weird mood today at all!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

going global

guess what peeps! my blog is international!

looks like i've got fans in italy, israel, senegal, russia, canada, cambodia, and japan.

and by 'fans' in italy, i mean ryan nolan (hey girl hey!).

and by 'fans' in the others, i mean random people who have somehow found my blog through the magical wonderland of the world wide web.

regardless, thanks for stopping by!

ps - don't cry us of a! i didn't forget you. you know you're my boo for life.

pretty little products.

one of my best friends in the world, kathryn beck, has started her own blog, "pretty little products" with "fashion, makeup, hair & beauty advice from an obsessive product reviewer." i'm admittedly a little bit of a beauty product whore myself. i am so easily convinced by good marketing - gorgeous colors, perfect fonts, and persuasive descriptions hypnotize me, and before i know it, i have 3 different types of moisturizers, 4 shampoo bottles, and endless bottles of nail polish.

the funny thing is, having this problem causes me to endlessly want to try the products that my friends own. and there's no person with whom i've done this more than kitty. all through high school and still whenever i'm around her now, i borrow her clothes, use her products, and try her makeup. in fact, when i visited her in texas last fall, i don't think i donned a single outfit of my own.

needless to say, i'm thrilled she's starting this blog. this will be my own little way of pretending that i'm visiting her and using her stuff!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

thanks, espys.

if there's one thing in this world that i love, it's a good sports montage. you may get me to tear up with a good movie montage at the oscars, but there's something so moving and powerful about sports montages. they slay me.

i'm sitting here watching the ESPYS with caroline and she's cracking up because it is sports montage overload in here, and i simply may not be able to handle it.

now may also be a good time to mention that i love me a good eminem song. so imagine my heart's surprise when they just played a sports montage set to eminem's new song "cinderella man."

be still, my heart.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

picture overload

and they're all completely unrelated! no way! yes way! whaaaaat?!?!

i was just going through the pics on my phone and decided to share these 3 gems. enjoy!

this (untitled (romeo and juliet collection)) is one of my favorite pieces from the tim burton exhibit earlier this year at the moma. the colors, strokes, sweetness, strangeness, adorableness, and randomness all combine for one strong tug at my heartstrings.

this just cracks me up. amy and i were in the bathroom some night last week and somehow started wondering what i would look like with red hair. problem solved. amy stood on her tippy-toes and i squatted and - voila - i have red hair and bangs! i love the fact that a.) we did this, b.) amy's sneaky little hidden face behind her hair, c.) the fact that it appears as though i'm making sexy eyes at the camera. false. i'm not. i was kind of uncomfortable and brushing my teeth. ha! you thought that was a lollipop, or something as equally seductive, didn't you?

and finally, this. this adorable little nugget. look at him. a little furry parrot asleep on my shoulder!

Friday, July 09, 2010

penelope + desmond

caroline just texted this picture to amy and me with the caption, "look what i found!"

i have to hand it to penelope; girl's got patience. since desmond has known me, he's known penelope. she came with us to pick him up and she knows she's stuck with him. he can get so playful and fiesty and she just puts up with it. he bites on her tail and neck, tries to hump her face, and generally does not leave her alone when they're together (unless he's sleeping). you can tell that she loves him, but he gets on her last nerve.

it warms my heart to know that they can have private moments of calm and sweetness.

thank you penelope, for being such a good big sister. now, if only charlie could come around a little faster...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

emmy nominations

emmy noms

a very good list, in my little opinion.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of july

oh, and i hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of july holiday! we celebrated with mexican food, margaritas, and fireworks!

frazzle rock

due to a lack of sleep and lots on my mind, i'm a little foggy today.

in addition to spilling my bare minerals powder everywhere this morning, i also dropped my hairdryer in the toilet. while it was on.

lance saved the day (and possibly the hair dryer) by simply pulling the plug from the socket (i was too freaked out to do anything except stand there and watch) but i think if anyone has the opportunity to, they should lock me up for the day. just a nice, small room (my bedroom would work) without anything breakable or dangerous. and if they wouldn't mind making me some of my mom's chocolate meringue pie, that would be great, too.

thanks for being able to make it to my pity party! hope you had fun!

the format - on your porch

so i put on the mumford & sons station on pandora at work this morning, and this song just came on.

i used to have a lot of the format in college, but lost it when my old computer crashed and completely forgot about them until just now.

this song makes me want to bawl my eyes out. if it has the same effect on you, don't say i didn't warn you. if not, then please enjoy this blank face set to music for the next 5 minutes.