Monday, July 26, 2010


yesterday caroline and i went on an apartment excursion to home depot where we spent way too much time and money. then we headed to our new apartment to evaluate and paint, but first we made a quick trip to shake shack for sustenance. seriously, shake shack is delicious. burgers are a dime a dozen, but when you find a great burger, you know it. i imagine that's what it's like finding your wedding dress - when you know, you know. and boy do i know. and since i guess i'm going with this wedding dress - burger comparison, i'd like to say that i'm not opposed to an open marriage with shake shack. because in this crazy foodie land that is new york, i want to see other burgers. okay, moving on.

we came back to the new apartment and got started on painting my room. i'm really excited about all of the colors we've picked out. the color above is the same from my current room. i'm so in love with this color (and have been since kindergarten when cerulean was my favorite crayon), i couldn't bear to leave it behind. our new apartment has tons of natural sunlight, so i'm thinking that the constant light will make the color pop even more than it does now. we're big fans of bright, bold colors, and rather than bore you with intangible paint color names, i'll wait until we have a finished apartment and thrill you with lots of photos.

ps - the wow factor in the picture above is really heightened with the mass amounts of silly bandz, wouldn't you agree?

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Kathryn Beck said...

amazing pic- cannot wait to see the finished product. hopefully in person sometime...