Tuesday, July 13, 2010

picture overload

and they're all completely unrelated! no way! yes way! whaaaaat?!?!

i was just going through the pics on my phone and decided to share these 3 gems. enjoy!

this (untitled (romeo and juliet collection)) is one of my favorite pieces from the tim burton exhibit earlier this year at the moma. the colors, strokes, sweetness, strangeness, adorableness, and randomness all combine for one strong tug at my heartstrings.

this just cracks me up. amy and i were in the bathroom some night last week and somehow started wondering what i would look like with red hair. problem solved. amy stood on her tippy-toes and i squatted and - voila - i have red hair and bangs! i love the fact that a.) we did this, b.) amy's sneaky little hidden face behind her hair, c.) the fact that it appears as though i'm making sexy eyes at the camera. false. i'm not. i was kind of uncomfortable and brushing my teeth. ha! you thought that was a lollipop, or something as equally seductive, didn't you?

and finally, this. this adorable little nugget. look at him. a little furry parrot asleep on my shoulder!


Ryan said...

I've been following your blog reading every July post. You've been on your A game, but this today- is marvelous. I laugh, I ponder, and I absolutely melt at the end with that love nuggest.

Kathryn Beck said...

Hahahahah. I like the red! Ginger for life!