Thursday, July 22, 2010

postpartum depression

i subscribe to gwyneth paltrow's weekly online newsletter, goop, and i have to admit, i'm a genuine fan. i really like mrs. chris martin and her musings. she's obviously a well connected woman, and she uses those connections to provide her readers with varying opinions, thoughts and studies on a wide range of issues.

today her newsletter touched on the topic of postpartum depression, and i found it to be really moving. i've obviously never experienced motherhood, nor have i even experienced postpartum depression in a second hand nature (to my knowledge, at least). that being said, this does allow a certain bird's eye view into depression in general, and i appreciate that.

furthermore, i respect the honesty, support and information that today's newsletter provides. and admittedly, i was very touched by how open bryce dallas howard was about her experiences.

i have to warn you, this isn't a very happy read, but i imagine it's very comforting for anyone who has dealt with postpartum depression, personally or from a distance.

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