Thursday, July 15, 2010

pretty little products.

one of my best friends in the world, kathryn beck, has started her own blog, "pretty little products" with "fashion, makeup, hair & beauty advice from an obsessive product reviewer." i'm admittedly a little bit of a beauty product whore myself. i am so easily convinced by good marketing - gorgeous colors, perfect fonts, and persuasive descriptions hypnotize me, and before i know it, i have 3 different types of moisturizers, 4 shampoo bottles, and endless bottles of nail polish.

the funny thing is, having this problem causes me to endlessly want to try the products that my friends own. and there's no person with whom i've done this more than kitty. all through high school and still whenever i'm around her now, i borrow her clothes, use her products, and try her makeup. in fact, when i visited her in texas last fall, i don't think i donned a single outfit of my own.

needless to say, i'm thrilled she's starting this blog. this will be my own little way of pretending that i'm visiting her and using her stuff!


SKP said...

already obsessed. thanks.

Kathryn Beck said...

Ahhhh! Thank ya thank ya Casey! I freaking love you.