Wednesday, July 21, 2010

skinny runner

stefanie and lindsay (stefanie and amy's good friend from texas who also happens to be cohabiting with us this week) were talking last night about a blog they follow, skinny runner.

i took one brief look at hottie's blog, and i'm hooked. she's witty, she's sarcastic, and she writes like she talks. me likey.

stefanie and lindsay were actually talking about going on a run in central park while they're here, and since i've been telling myself to start running again (what, casey?! you stopped running after a little burst of running adoration? yes. are you surprised? no? that's what i thought.) i figure that might be a perfect place to start.

did i mention that our new apartment isn't too far away from the bottom of central park? did i even mention that we're moving? well we are. but i digress.

anyway, check out skinny runner. i can really appreciate self-proclaimed lazies who try hard at running, but aren't the greatest at it. regardless of how many love affairs i have with the sport, i will always hate that smarmy bitch while my feet are actually pounding the pavement. i only like running afterwards when all those endorphins kick in and knock me off my rational rocker.

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Ryan said...

I have the same love affair with running. Hate doing it and never get that "runners high" while actually running. I count down the mins, play games with myself, and after wards I am glad I did it, but always dreading the next run.