Monday, August 30, 2010

breaking bad + the emmys

breaking bad.

watch it.

best show on tv. hands down. no amount of SAT adjectives could do it justice.

think what you will, but last night when aaron paul won the emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, mine, amy's and caroline's hearts soared. aaron paul deserves that emmy. his performance in the third season is so gripping and mind-blowing, i can't even describe it.

(sidenote: can we talk about bryan cranston's tears of joy for his co-star?! my emotional little heart almost couldn't take it.) speaking of which, bryan cranston represented with a three-peat win for outstanding lead actor in a drama series. and rightfully so.

ps - i'd also like to state for the record that i thought the emmys were REALLY funny this year, and i thought jimmy fallon did a great job.

pps - tina fey brought the laughs, too: whether it was just holding julia ormond's emmy onstage, mimicking american idol contestants when her name was announced for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series, or during the opening skit.

Friday, August 27, 2010

more mindless celebrity news

word on the skreets is jake gyllenhaal and rachel bilson may be a new couple.


can you imagine if these two got married (i'm not rushing things for them, am i?)?

i would hop on a plane to LA and beg them to have babies for me to nanny, and then the 3+ of us would live such a sweet and simple life.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

homeless jokes... courtesy of a homeless man

i'm just returning from a walk to get coffee with alana and galen, and as we walked back to our office, a homeless man approached us and asked, "what's the best thing about dating a homeless man?" what? "when you're finished with me, you can drop me off anywhere." two steps later he asked, "which one of you ladies wants to go home with a homeless guy?" and then his show stopper: "what's the best kind of nation?" what? "donation."

at first i felt bad for laughing at him, until i realized i was literally laughing with him.

Monday, August 23, 2010

what is it about 20-somethings?

i stumbled upon this article through a facebook post, and am now settling in to read it on-and-off throughout the day (it's a long one).

ben lee - apple candy

watch this video if you want, but i'm really only concerned with the song. although i do love postsecret, in my opinion, coupling the postcards with this song dramatizes both and takes away from how moving the song is alone.

this is strangely endearing

jenny slate's voice makes this for me.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

directed by dean fleischer-camp
written by jenny slate + dean fleischer-camp

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

speaking of my favorite nuggets...

check out this awesome video of my niece and nephew playing with owen's light sabers. you have to admit, 2 year-old sophia holds her own with some pretty sweet defense moves, and i'm equally impressed by owen's self-restraint in deciding not to absolutely obliterate sweet baby S.

ps - i hope that this is an indication that they'll both be super cool nerds.

happy anniversary, matthew + priscilla! - Happy anniversary to a great couple who are somehow related to me

on august 18th, 2001, i bawled my eyes out watching my brother and sister-in-law priscilla get married. 9 years later, and they're still one of my favorite couples and two of my favorite people to hang out with. plus, they made me an aunt x2!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ginger kids!

oh my ginger! years ago, my great friend lindsay church and i discovered this little diddy - a website dedicated to ginger kids. we were particularly amused because we had been terrorized by a family of badly behaved gingers for that summer and the 2 prior.

at some point, the url ceased to exist and i've since mourned the supposed loss of such until today, when i googled and found that it still exists, only in a different form! oh praise be to judas!

please enjoy.

ps - i'd like it to be known that i'm not a ginger hater. in fact, some of my favorite peeps are redheads. i'm talking to you, amy stanley (and you priscilla, and you beantown, and you baby sophia who had red hair when you were born, and you normal lindsay lohan circa parent trap).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

radiolab and npr present:


the best word i can use to describe this is pleasant. so very pleasant.

by the way, this is simultaneously my first encounter with radiolab. consder me very intrigued.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

high 70s, low 80s

while promoting their new film "scott pilgrim vs. the world," michael cera and jason schwartzman stopped by atlanta's fox 5 news to play pretend for the day. turns out they make a hilarious pair of weathermen. let's be honest with ourselves (read: casey, be honest with yourself), i have a bajilliony fleeting crushes. truth be told, jason schwartzman has been on constant rotation for a while now, and this definitely brings him back on the radar. bravo.

thanks, the frisky.

peanut butter love

confession: i'm breaking up for good with jif. i know, i know... i did write this post back in february, but it was around valentine's day, and we'd just gotten back together after a bad break up, and i was feeling all lovey dovey.

don't get me wrong, jif creamy is DELISH. he's been good to me for the last 20-24 years (poppa cline, can you guesstimate about how old i was when i first had peanut butter?). but i think i've actually found "the one." i can't believe it myself, but it's true.

lately i've been stalking peanut butter fingers, a blog about balancing life, running/working out, healthy meals, and indulgences. her general outlook is that healthy eating is important, but a healthy lifestyle means balance, and that balance can/should incorporate treating yourself every now and then.

there have honestly been a few moments when i've questioned whether or not my love for peanut butter is reasonable/healthy, and so i was really relieved and attracted to her blog. it is, after all, named after one of her favorite snacks of all time: 1 finger, dipped in peanut butter. wam bam thank you ma'am. so when i read this little snippet from one of her q&a sessions, i was inclined to test her recommendations.

What is your favorite type of peanut butter? Peanut Butter and Co.’s Mighty Maple is my new addiction!

The brand I buy the most often is Skippy natural peanut butter because it tastes just like the peanut butter I loved growing up. I loooove practically any kind of peanut butter… especially the honey roasted peanut butter you can grind yourself at Whole Foods.

the funny thing is, before i even found her blog, i stumbled across the peanut butter grinder one day with caroline at whole foods. you bet your sweet sasafrass that i tried the honey roasted peanut butter. and loved it. it doesn't hurt that i know exactly what's in it - honey roasted peanuts. skraight up. nothing else.

after reading that, when i found myself at the grocery store standing in front of the peanut butters, i opted for the skippy natural, and told jif not to worry, because i'd be back soon enough, sure that this was just another pb fling.

turns out, it's not a fling. this is the real deal. although i recognize that skippy natural is probably not as natural as it claims, i still like the fact that i can read the ingredients list and i'm not left scratching my head. and it legitimately tastes like the peanut butter you eat growing up.

so, although i'm sure jif and i will have casual flings and maintain a pleasant relationship throughout our lifetimes, i'm in fo' life with skippy and whole foods.

an open letter to lauryn hill

dear lauryn,

where are you? please come back.

gratefully yours,

ps - sometimes i forget about this song. and then it comes on my itunes and it leaves me speechless. really.

chris gethard

is a great performer at the ucb, and he's the star of the upcoming comedy central show, big lake, set to premiere on august 17th at 10pm.

aside from being a great improviser, he seems like such a genuinely great guy. instead of gushing over the things he's done in ucb past, i'll just post and suggest you read this interview.

so awesome. reinforces my feelings that if shit hit the fan and i had to move back home with no money and a new-found addiction to crack (because that's obviously how it would happen), i'd be 100% happy that the bulk of my time and money was put towards the ucb.

Monday, August 09, 2010


so the recent news that weezer's new album will be titled hurley, got me excited for two reasons. 1. i went to hurley elementary school, so i'm partial to that name, and 2. i naturally wondered if it is at all related to fan favorite hurley from L O S T. well guess what, kiddos... it is. turns out the album cover will be this photo of jorge garcia.

honestly, as long as the music is good, i'll make no arguments. and apparently for this trip around the ole block, my beloved =w= "will focus on the melodies and major chords of traditional '60s pop." oooooh me likey the sounds of that. rivers drops names like frankie valli, the beatles, and the beach boys. he also mentions "mixed with metallica guitars."

interesante. stay tuned for my thoughts when the album is released on september 14th.

poor baby biebs

nice aim, anonymous she-teen, angry at the world for not letting you have bieber all to yourself.


oh em god, guys. check this out.

that video isn't nearly as exciting as the knowledge that there is more to it than that... is? i'm not entirely sure how i should have constructed that sentence grammatically. but i digress. hello LOST epilogue! YES PLEASE. for my brother and sister-in-law's 9th wedding anniversary (august 18th), or for my dad's/niece's birthday (september 9th), i will graciously accept the LOST complete collection from anyone who is willing to gift it to me. and then i will pop some popcorn, peel open a bar of dark chocolate, and glue myself to the floor to watch this epilogue in full.

caroline's friend, deb, came over friday night and told us that the first 10 minutes were somehow leaked (and originally posted to this same link), but naturally, 2 seconds after it went up, the law gods were in full force and had any leakage replaced with the linked clip above. deb managed to watch before it was taken down and she spilled a few minor secrets to caroline, who then spilled one to me (though i normally despise surprises, i was okay with this one).

i can't wait!

Friday, August 06, 2010

bucket list

i'm starting a bucket list! maybe i'll post something every day. since i'm not the most rational thinker, you can expect some things to not make sense like "meet a brontosaurus." ohhh, dream big, me.

1. stand next to a redwood tree
2. run a half/full marathon

hell yeah, justice!

awesome story.

let's hope that raleigh never gets stolen. but if she did, i'd want her rescue to play out just like this. except i would actually want stabler and benson to be on the scene.

and now for mindless celebrity news...

my favorite comedy couple, amy poehler and will arnett, welcomed their second son today... abel james arnett (i like). he joins big broseph, archie.

those babies are gonna bring the LOLZ some day.

and emma watson (girl crush alert!) has *GASP* chopped off her hermione granger locks, and traded in for a cute pixie cut. how this is headline news beats me, but i'm going to be an enabler and keep that ridiculous ball rolling!

now, i know this is the type of cut that boys don't like, but girls all over the world envy. it's ballsy, low-maintenance, and striking. and if you can pull that off, it means you can pull anything off. think back to halle berry's short 'do and better yet, natalie portman circa v for vendetta. girlfriend rocked that scalp! emma has already conquered that elusive blend of adorable, classically beautiful, and hot, and now she's conquered the pixie. bravo you little british thing, you! consider me jeally (because yes, deep inside of me is a little yearning to one day shave my head and reveal my beautiful and striking bone structure. and by that i mean my over-sized head.).

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

oh, new york...

you so crazy!


because everyone is talking about how mind-bending the movie's concept is, how exceptionally executed it was, how beautifully shot, and how well directed, acted, scored, written, etc. it is, i will refrain from doing so. just please do yourself a favor and go see it. do it, and please do so in the theater. you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to.

i will, however, add that joseph gordon levitt* has been on my crush radar for a while now, and inception may have secured him a top 5 spot. his scenes in the hotel alone... amazing.

and tom hardy: hello. welcome to my crush list. please make yourself at home. i think you might be here for a while.

*now that i've heard the rumblings (and kept reminding myself of such while watching inception), i cannot picture anyone other than jogo playing the riddler in the next batman film. ahhh, please don't let me down, christopher nolan. not that you ever could.