Friday, August 06, 2010

and now for mindless celebrity news...

my favorite comedy couple, amy poehler and will arnett, welcomed their second son today... abel james arnett (i like). he joins big broseph, archie.

those babies are gonna bring the LOLZ some day.

and emma watson (girl crush alert!) has *GASP* chopped off her hermione granger locks, and traded in for a cute pixie cut. how this is headline news beats me, but i'm going to be an enabler and keep that ridiculous ball rolling!

now, i know this is the type of cut that boys don't like, but girls all over the world envy. it's ballsy, low-maintenance, and striking. and if you can pull that off, it means you can pull anything off. think back to halle berry's short 'do and better yet, natalie portman circa v for vendetta. girlfriend rocked that scalp! emma has already conquered that elusive blend of adorable, classically beautiful, and hot, and now she's conquered the pixie. bravo you little british thing, you! consider me jeally (because yes, deep inside of me is a little yearning to one day shave my head and reveal my beautiful and striking bone structure. and by that i mean my over-sized head.).

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