Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ginger kids!

oh my ginger! years ago, my great friend lindsay church and i discovered this little diddy - a website dedicated to ginger kids. we were particularly amused because we had been terrorized by a family of badly behaved gingers for that summer and the 2 prior.

at some point, the url www.gingerkids.org ceased to exist and i've since mourned the supposed loss of such until today, when i googled gingerkids.org and found that it still exists, only in a different form! oh praise be to judas!

please enjoy.

ps - i'd like it to be known that i'm not a ginger hater. in fact, some of my favorite peeps are redheads. i'm talking to you, amy stanley (and you priscilla, and you beantown, and you baby sophia who had red hair when you were born, and you normal lindsay lohan circa parent trap).

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