Monday, August 09, 2010


so the recent news that weezer's new album will be titled hurley, got me excited for two reasons. 1. i went to hurley elementary school, so i'm partial to that name, and 2. i naturally wondered if it is at all related to fan favorite hurley from L O S T. well guess what, kiddos... it is. turns out the album cover will be this photo of jorge garcia.

honestly, as long as the music is good, i'll make no arguments. and apparently for this trip around the ole block, my beloved =w= "will focus on the melodies and major chords of traditional '60s pop." oooooh me likey the sounds of that. rivers drops names like frankie valli, the beatles, and the beach boys. he also mentions "mixed with metallica guitars."

interesante. stay tuned for my thoughts when the album is released on september 14th.

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