Monday, August 09, 2010


oh em god, guys. check this out.

that video isn't nearly as exciting as the knowledge that there is more to it than that... is? i'm not entirely sure how i should have constructed that sentence grammatically. but i digress. hello LOST epilogue! YES PLEASE. for my brother and sister-in-law's 9th wedding anniversary (august 18th), or for my dad's/niece's birthday (september 9th), i will graciously accept the LOST complete collection from anyone who is willing to gift it to me. and then i will pop some popcorn, peel open a bar of dark chocolate, and glue myself to the floor to watch this epilogue in full.

caroline's friend, deb, came over friday night and told us that the first 10 minutes were somehow leaked (and originally posted to this same link), but naturally, 2 seconds after it went up, the law gods were in full force and had any leakage replaced with the linked clip above. deb managed to watch before it was taken down and she spilled a few minor secrets to caroline, who then spilled one to me (though i normally despise surprises, i was okay with this one).

i can't wait!

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