Monday, September 27, 2010

eve's apple

my best friend, eve donegan, has just started up her own blog dedicated to "why relationships suck, why they’re necessary and how to keep one alive." take a peek at eve's apple.

this little lady, whom i love oh so much, has been in a relationship with her boy for a long time now, and i trust her advice to the max. once she and shaner had decided that they loved each other and wanted to be with each other, they maintained the motto that if they were meant to be together, it would work out. and they went for it. something that's been extremely important to the two of them is that they each do their own things - go on their own adventures - and then one day they would adventure together. and that's exactly what they've done. their relationship has seen evie in denver for college with shane back in ouray (6 hours apart), shane in denver with roommates and evie in denver with roommates, shane in france, evie in northern ireland, and evie in new york for over a year while shane was in telluride. they are the masters of long-distance, and i bow down to them. they've been all over the map separately, and for the past year, made their own map together, living together in telluride and now journeying to MARTINIQUE to live together. now do you understand why i said they deserve such an adventure? hats off to these two. i love em!

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