Wednesday, September 01, 2010

fantasy adventure list

a certain redheaded texan (no, not you, amy stan) and i have been daydreaming a lot lately and i decided to put my dreams to paper and come up with a list. i achieve and feel best about my to do lists when i can physically highlight/scribble/cross them out, so that's what i plan to do: i'm turning this bad boy from a fantasy adventure list into a to do list. now, unless either of us wins the lottery (which we are also planning on in the near future) these obviously won't happen all at once, but i intend to mark them all off, no matter how long it takes. call me a dreamer if you must, cause i won't deny it.
  1. climb mt. kilamanjaro
  2. skydive (not sure where)
  3. surf in chile
  4. bungee jump in new zealand
  5. scuba dive in fiji
  6. trek argentina/chile
  7. backpack alaska

now that i think about it, i need to add this entire list to my bucket list. sublists are the best. thank god for lists and organization. and sharpies. and pretty notepads. DIGRESSION!

okay. big news guys. i've decided that for my 25th birthday in february, i'm going to slap down my credit card and spend some big bucks to go visit my best friend, evie, in martinique. oh, which reminds me, my best friend evie is moving to martinique. her boyfriend, shane, is going to be teaching english down there to all the frenchies, and evie's going to run, wear her bathing suit, and write a lot. sweet life! (let me take a second to give her due credit: she and shaner have put in a lot, a lot, a lot of time apart, and a lot of individual hard work to get to this joint adventure in their lives, and i can't say anything other than they absolutely deserve it 100%). i'm so excited for them! and i'm so excited to use them as an excuse to splurge on a big trip. woohoo! so, that being said, i might make a few changes to the list above - i bet i could surf in martinique, right? let's find out.

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Eve Donegan said...

great list cline! when you do the chile trek/surfing, call me!!!