Tuesday, September 21, 2010

food + fitness blogs

guys, i am obsessed with fitness + food blogs lately. specifically those that really stress the importance of balancing food, fitness, life, AND indulgences. balance is key, and without allowing some treats into your life, i really think that balance that so many people strive for gets out of whack. the key is to know when to STOP eating the cookies, peanut butter, banana bread, whathaveyou.

so, i present to you the blogs i've been stalking like a crazy madwoman:

skinny runner. i love how sarcastic this chicky is! just my type of peeps.

the fitnessista, whose weight training plans i want to start following.

peanut butter fingers (or p.b. fingz as i like to refer to her. yes, i "refer to her" often when discussing all of the new creations i've been whipping up in our kitchen. she sometimes throws the most random things together, which is exactly how i like to eat and cook. plus, her blog's name includes peanut butter. COME ON. how could i not love?)

carrots n cake

healthy tipping point bonus points: she lives in charlotte! i'm always partial to my fellow north carolinians.

girl meets health, who i just found today, but already think i'm going to check daily.

the more i read, the more i wonder if i should start incorporating my own daily eats and habits into my blog. it's already such a hodgepodge of my thoughts, ideas, likes, etc. that i figure why not add one more? plus, keeping track of what i'm fueling/destroying my bod with every day would be a great way to hold myself more accountable. if i can see it in print/onscreen, then i can track it and see where i need to make changes. hmm....

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