Tuesday, September 28, 2010

happy birthday matthew + nana!

happy birthday matthew cline! you are the best big brother in the world. here are a few reasons why:

1. you shared your ketchup on eggs trick with me, and i've used it ever since.
2. you started teaching your high school algebra to me when i was in elementary school.
3. you gave me a really long talking to in middle school about how i would outgrow my awkwardness and get prettier, and how anyone who was cool then would fade in popularity, and how if i was just nice to people, i'd find my own clique and be just fine.
4. you promised me i would get a nice boyfriend in high school.
5. you let me sleep in your room (and you would make my pallet every single night) from when i was in elementary school until you moved out (when i was in 8th grade).
6. you let me tag along when you went to play whiffle ball or whatever else with your neighborhood friends. even when they made fun of me for wearing just a diaper and "talking to animals and playing with mud."
7. you enforced tough love at rather inconvenient moments that i only appreciate now (like when i fell from the fence onto our concrete driveway, breaking my glasses, hurting myself, and cracking my thumbnail in two as a result). remember, you said "well, that's what you get."
8. you made me great start breakfasts and let me watch the simpsons with you.
9. you rightfully told me not to join you while you watched "a clockwork orange," and then you let me "secretly" watch from the stoop on our stairwell anyway. although i really shouldn't have.
10. you gave me my favorite people in the world - owen and sophia! and the little baby french fry in the oven!

AND a HUGE happy birthday to my nana cline!

i love you both oh so much!

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