Thursday, September 09, 2010

high school

inspired by a few pictures from high school that were recently posted on facebook, i've been feeling a little nostalgic for high school lately. and since i'm not one to steer clear of getting emotional, i delved deep into the nostalgia, and have been downloading a lot of the music i listened to back then. granted, i've always listened to the same types of music/bands, but i've been on the hunt for those particular songs that make me feel like i've traveled back in time.

so, please, come along with me on this flashback journey...

phish - farmhouse
this reminds me of sophomore + junior years. i distinctly remember listening to this song while driving, shifting down to 2nd gear in my cavalier, approaching a stoplight on highway 70, on a dewy fall morning. i don't know if this is what the morning was like the first time i listened to it, or maybe one morning when i was playing it on repeat, but this is what i envision every time i hear this.

rolling stones - miss you (dr. dre remix)
this one takes me back to pulling into the west rowan high school parking lot, around 7AM, getting ready to start the day.

our lady peace - innocent
and this reminds me of my junior year when my awesome honors english 2/ap english 4 teacher, mrs. buckner, took us camping with her and her husband. that then reminds me of a journal entry i wrote while on the drive to our campsite - about seeing really dark grey clouds and then all of a sudden this crazy rainbow appeared, and then a HUGE lightning bolt struck in the middle of the rainbow.

speaking of high school journals, i think i made 2. now that i'm thinking about them, i can't wait to get home for christmas so i can reread through them. my best friends, kathryn, laura, meagan and i all made them together and poured our hearts into them. those journals were a creative little mash-up of scrapbooking and diary-keeping. we would get so excited when it was time for one of us to start a new one, and i remember having journal decorating sessions during sleepovers on more than one occasion .

vanessa carlton - white houses
speaking of those ladies, this song takes me back to my freshman year at unc (because that's when it came out), and so i think of two things: first, listening to this song with stacey over and over in 715 hinton james, and second, the summer between freshman and sophomore years of high school, when we had some of the best nights ever just walking around kathryn's neighborhood with our friends evan and cj. there was a white house near kathryn's that was being built, and we'd often grab a few lawn chairs and set them up in a circle in the white house's garage and just talk for hours on end about the meaning of life, and other profound talks that i think everyone probably has in high school.

man, this nostalgia is really pouring out thick. i need to call it a night!

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