Thursday, September 16, 2010

love and other drugs

alright. i'm torn. on one hand, this trailer has a few good moments (e.g., at the 1:31 mark), anne hathaway and jake gyllenhaal have undeniable chemistry, and, it's anne hathaway and jake gyllenhaal.

on the other hand, the cheesy song and "this fall" hits around 1:37, then the whole "i need to you*," "i'm going to need you more" exchange happens, and that just makes me feel weird about the whole thing.

truth be told, it looks like they turned this into this meets this, and i'm not sure if i'm buying. buuuuut, i'll stop being a hater and trust my old faithful, jake g. i just hope he doesn't let me down.

*i legit thought he was saying "i need to go" the first few times i watched this. what happens there? you think maybe he had a bubble in his throat?

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