Friday, September 03, 2010

well, let the drum beat drop

lindsay, caroline, amy and i had our first outing as a foursome last night, and we did it up big roomie style at the marina & the diamonds concert at webster hall. the space was small and intimate, and marina was awesome. we sang and danced our little hearts out all night. below are the 4 songs that gave me chills hearing live. especially "i am not a robot." i love this song, and last night definitely secured it a spot on my top 10 favorite songs list.

"i am not a robot"


"mowgli's road"


ps - what is it about cute + quirky british girl singers (kate nash, marina, lily allen, etc.) that gets me so much? i LOVE them. i kind of wish i was one myself. ahh grass is greener. i really wish it were acceptable to move to london and naturally adopt a british accent (by the way, madonna, it's not).

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