Tuesday, October 19, 2010

maybe i take it back

after stumbling across this article, i may have to take back what i said about love and other drugs. check out #10 on dave karger's list. maybe i just need to focus on the good parts of the preview and ignore the ones that make me feel weird. maybe i'll just go see it and give it a shot.

Monday, October 18, 2010

before + after

desmond halpert cline aka "d money" aka "babers" went to the groomer for the first time today.

check out these before and after photos.

the social network music

i forgot to add that the soundtrack is also pretty amazing. i'm getting it tonight.

the social network

we went to see the social network on saturday and it was amazing. everything about it was awesome. i even forgot justin timberlake was justin timberlake, if that says anything. i want to go see it again, and i'm willing to pay nyc movie theatre prices to do so. aaron sorkin and david fincher = winning combination. there were so many times when i consciously thought the writing was incredible and the cinematography was likewise. ahhhhh just go see it.

first day of my life

and since i haven't posted a makes-me-wanna-cry song in a while, let's do it up today! this came on my ipod this morning, and i had to listen to it two more times in its entirety. i love this song and the video. i might even consider it to be one of the sweetest songs i've ever heard, yet it doesn't make me want to vom up my breakfast from too much sap. i think because the lyrics are just so simple and sincere without too much gushiness. win win!

stress fracture

want to know why i haven't posted about running in a week? it's not because the puppy love has worn off and i'm back to hating running, like in the olden days. it's because after my last endeavor last sunday - a pride-swelling 6.34 miles - i woke up monday morning, and it hurt to walk. every time i put weight on my left foot, which it so happens, is a lot, it felt like a constant foot cramp. well, long story short, it still hurts, and i've self-diagnosed a stress fracture. granted, it could just be a pulled muscle, but from what i've read about stress fractures - namely that they "typically occur in weight-bearing bones, such as the... metatarsals (bones of the foot)," and that they "commonly occur in sedentary people who suddenly undertake a burst of exercise (whose bones are not used to the task),... and in professional and amateur distance runners who run high weekly mileage."* now, i wouldn't call myself sedentary in general, but in terms of running, yes. i decided to run one day, and i ran 3 miles. then 4. then holy crap - 5! then 6! then, oh my god i can run so far! i'm so proud of myself! i am a running queen, hear me roar! yessss! a triumphant 6.34 miles. i did this even though b-town kept saying, "awesome, good for you, but don't push your body too hard. running is hard on the body." and now i'm learning my lesson the hard way, one day of uggs at a time (because the only shoes i can wear semi-comfortably are my big bulky ugg boots).

*thanks wikipedia. you are so reliable and smart.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blue valentine

okay, i've completely given up hope for this. i admitted to myself that talented actors don't always mean a great movie. and let's be honest, this preview is pretty bad. i still can't get over the whole "i need you" exchange. it makes me feel really weird, and jakey g doesn't do that to me often. i usually feel excited about his roles, and also weirded out because i used to have a major major crush on him until someone pointed out that he and my brother kind of look alike and well... i don't know what to do with that. SO, without further ado, i present a movie that i am very excited to see: blue valentine. the preview doesn't give away much, but imdb says, "the film centers on a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods." oh, and it just landed an nc-17 rating, which is pretty intriguing.

anyway, come december 31st, i'll be in a matinee showing somewhere if i can help it.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

tina be lookin goooood

i love this lady.

can't wait for her book to come out!

Friday, October 08, 2010


the great bolo asked for more photos of penelope and desmond.

well, the great bolo gets what the great bolo wants:

check out these chitlins

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

run run run some more

i'm cutting right to the chase with this one: i ran 6 miles last night. crazyballs! and i spent the better part of the last half on my headphones chit-chatting it up with beantown. yeahhhhh! i don't know what kind of crazy trick my body is pulling on me, but i will blindly play along for as long as it wants me to.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

time management

truth: i love lists and getting things done, but i'm terrible at time management. it's taken me a while to realize it, but i finally have. please relive this recent moment with me:

(in amy's room)
caroline (in a minor panic): "omg i have so much to do. it's already 3 and jonathan gets here at 6! we need to finish laundry, go to whole foods, eat, and take the dogs out all before jonathan gets here."
me: "okay, okay, okay. here's what we'll do. i love plans. you go get our laundry, i'll take the dogs out, then we'll..."
caroline (interrupting): "okay, i am just going to stop you right there because whatever you're about to say is NEVER going to work out. you are terrible at time management."
amy: *uncontrollable laughter*
me: "oh, well i mean if we hurry."
caroline: "nope, it won't work out."
casey: "okay, you're right."

seriously. i dillydally like it is no one's business. but thank the good lord above, best article every day has done it again (they really do post the best article every day): 30 smart time management tips and tricks.

maybe this will help me with what is perhaps my #1 bad habit. it's either bad time management or picking my cuticles (gross, i know).

my favorite photo

this is it. it's from time magazine's photo of the week, from june 5, 2007.

it's called "on the horizon" and the caption reads, "an acacia tree sits against a bright blue sky in the masai mara park reserve in nairobi, kenya."

during the summer of 2007, i interned at abc 11 in durham, and i found this photo then, and have loved it ever since.

beantown and i decided to add seeing it in person to our fantasy adventure list. we'll probably kill 2 birds with 1 stone and knock it out with climbing mt. kilimanjaro. makes sense, right?

Monday, October 04, 2010

run run run

i haven't blogged about running in a while, have i? well, reading all of these food + fitness blogs has done more than to just inspire me in the kitchen - it really makes me want to run more! which if you've been reading this blog since i started it, you'll know is a feeling that comes and goes for me. that's beside the point, though. the point is: i ran 5.2 miles friday night! thursday night i ran 4, and it was one of those runs where, yeah my body was kind of tired and i was obviously working, but i could have kept going for i don't know how long. that feeling must have carried over into friday. i mapped out a run from our apartment, down along the hudson river park, and back. i've never run that far in my life, and although i know it's not a super long distance (a marathon is that x5), i was super pumped and proud of myself. and what's even better is again, i could have kept going!

anyway, enough about running. just wanted to share my personal triumph with y'all.

Friday, October 01, 2010

joining the ginge

remember when this happened?

well wednesday night, i took the plunge and joined the likes of christina hendricks (of mad men), cynthia nixon (of sex & the city), and emma stone (of superbad, zombieland, easy a): all natural blondes disguised as redheads.

that's right, i dyed my hair red. crazy! much to the dismay of my pops, i used to dye my hair dark brown every winter starting junior year of high school through to my sophomore year of college. and then, no more. i haven't been anything other than my own blonde since then. but without fail, the itch returns every fall, and this time, i gave in.

photo to follow soon...