Monday, October 04, 2010

run run run

i haven't blogged about running in a while, have i? well, reading all of these food + fitness blogs has done more than to just inspire me in the kitchen - it really makes me want to run more! which if you've been reading this blog since i started it, you'll know is a feeling that comes and goes for me. that's beside the point, though. the point is: i ran 5.2 miles friday night! thursday night i ran 4, and it was one of those runs where, yeah my body was kind of tired and i was obviously working, but i could have kept going for i don't know how long. that feeling must have carried over into friday. i mapped out a run from our apartment, down along the hudson river park, and back. i've never run that far in my life, and although i know it's not a super long distance (a marathon is that x5), i was super pumped and proud of myself. and what's even better is again, i could have kept going!

anyway, enough about running. just wanted to share my personal triumph with y'all.

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